09.07.2021 - 17.07.2021

Wise Playful week for Women & Men

Embodiment ● Ritual ● Womb & Heart ● Play ● Dance & Move

You can book for any event or for the whole week! events@templeoftheearth.org

Welcome sister, welcome brother!

To break away from conditioned values and norms. To no longer live in separation. Whatever you carry in your backpack, you can embrace limiting fears, traumas and shadows and give birth to the wise playful woman or man living inside yourself. The path to oneness (with all that lives) within yourself, a life of passion and truthfulness, is open and awaits your consciousness.

Let us create, experience, honor, recognize and acknowledge the dance and play of your life together. Let us see, honor, bless and support each other in a circle as authentic and creative human being.
It is time to go through life full of energy!

This week is for you, if you...

❁ say Yes! to life, creation, playfulness, embodiment, healing
❁ wish to celebrate the fullness of their sexuality, free from all traumas and fears.
❁ want to bring all the elements in and around themselves back into balance.
❁ walk the path of the open heart.
❁ give oneself the space to live in freedom.
❁ want to live beyond words, shame and fear to want to connect with the body (embodiment) and to rekindle creative, playful, fiery and creative power.

The Facilitators

Veerle Phara:

Yoga, Dance & Play, Rite of the Womb & Womb Medicine, Coach, Medicine Woman, Sweatlodge Keeper

Founder of the Temple of the Earth


Akashic Records Soul Mentor & Artist
Soul Expression,
Soul Liberation, Earth Mandala, Open Creative Playground, 



Heart Warrior, Coach,
Medicine Men, Sweatlodge &
Fire Keeper

Founder of the Temple of the Earth

Alana Una:

Medicinal Woman, Shamanic journey, Mystic Magic Medicine Movement Facilitator

La Mitch:

Conscious dance DJ, creates dance journeys in service to your healing, self-expression, and transformation. Guided by intuition, she weaves unique musical landscapes that guide you through a broad spectrum of sounds, movements, and emotions. Allowing you to experience deep pleasure, ecstatic release, and heart-felt connection.

Betty Jeuris:

Yoga (Tibetan, Yin, Aereal), facilitator in bodywork- floorwork- circlework, Raw Motion & Embodied Conversation, Playfight, Heart IQ.


How to participate

You can either choose the event you like and inscribe by events@templeoftheearth.org, naming your Name and the Event that you wish to join. 

Or you join us the whole week and stay in one of our mongolian yurts to make your own retreat out of this week! Discount for a whole week booking!

Book your stay & visit

Wise Playful Week all events without lodging 12.07-17.07

Huachuma Ceremony + Wise Playful Week all events 

Wise Playful Week all events + accommodation
*6 nights in compartment comfortable Yurt & use of Community Kitchen & sanitary facilities 

Ceremonial Huachuma Weekend 09.07-10.07: 
Included the Ceremony and Temazcal the day after

Ceremonial Huachuma Weekend + Wise Playful Woman Week + accommodation 

If you want to join only single events, that is also possible! Just sign up at events@templeoftheearth.org

not included: 

*transport, airtickets, personal insurance
* rent sheets & towels (€15,-)
*food & food expenses
* other personal expenses or sauna/massage/shiatsu

sign up to join single events or book the Wise Playful Week Package

Fill in the form or write an email to events@templeoftheearth.org

    We are looking forward to spend an amazing, joyful & playful week with you!