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Sunday 23 June: Summer Solstice & Andes Ceremony for the Sun

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Saturday 29 June: Hampi Wasi healing Sweatlodge

Welcome in our Hampi Wasi sweatlodge
A healing sweatlodge of lots of fresh herbs, medicinal clay and herbal baths. Use of eucalyptus (fresh from Portugal), rosemary (permaculture and wild one), lavendel, basilicum, ruda…
info and inscriptions by creative2energy@gmail.com
open for everyone
Powerful healing:
* Fysical purification and cleansing. Powerful desintoxication of the body.

* This temazcal was traditionally used by the Andes people to clean the body, heart and mind to make a deeper connection with all elements. A sweatlodge is as a medicine wheel and brings balance between earth, water, fire, air, dark and light in ourselves and around us. Each sweatlodge starts with an inner dialogue in connection with the stones and the fire.

* When we enter the Womb of the Earth, we discover ourselves literal and symbolical. We put of all our masks and give free what we no longer need, layer by layer. Liberation of our hoocha or heavy energy and creating space for new seeds of light and Sami or light energy.
* We work with the spirits of the snake, jaguar, kolibri, eagle and our own power animals. To heal at a deeper level.

* From stillness, the void, the not-knowing, we pray with the earth, the water, the heat, our breath and our heart. To bring ourselves into balance again, te resource, to re-memebr which wisdom we carry in ourselves and to be reborn again. In this way we can remember ourselves the source of all life, where we come from and where we are heading to.

* Opening of your heart. By creating Balance, we can genuinely open for ourselves and for others.

A sweatlodge is a process of surrendering. It helps us to clean, to gain power, to life our lifes with a bright mind, a clear vision and en open heart.

We start at 10u30.

This Hampi Wasi takes more time then a normal sweatlodge. We also leave the hut in between because of the medicinal clay we will use.

We take all the time we need.
End (with potluck afterwards) around 20h
further practical info will follow

guiding by Veerle Phara and Yves
fire guardian Klara Martens  

warm welcome