Ceremony & temazcal (FULL)

Ceremony & Temazcal on the powerful Autumn Equinox and Full Moon write for more info: info@templeoftheearth.org

Movement Medicine

Movement Medicine is about the dance: because you love to move, because it releases and brings you back to that sheer joy of being alive, because it is a practice…where each time you come back to who you are. It is a conscious dance practice, a movement meditation, that was developed by Ya’Acov and Susannah […]

Dance Ritual

A Dance Ritual is a safe and mindful place for us to be fully in the moment, to express life as it wants to flow through us without the mind jugging or restraining. What makes it a Ritual rather than just another Jam is the intention that we put in it. I will hold the […]


Yoni Initiation Ritual

Dear sisters, women of all ages, Inviting you all to a new Rite of the Yoni Saturday 25 of September 2021 from 4 to 8pm guided by Veerle Phara, medicine woman Welcome to a new Initiation Ritual that came to me during my past journey in the Peruvian Andes. This Yoni Initiation Ritual  is a new Rite of […]

Men’s circle

Hi brothers, I'm taking some time from Peru to write to you. As shared I took some nurturing time out for myself to recharge. The work at the temple, my brother's terminal process, meant that I had to make the choice to come to myself for a while. Peru was the suitable country for this. […]

Ñusta Karpay 7 initiations

https://templeoftheearth.org/nusta-karpay-initiations/ Tuesdays 12, 19 & 26 October, 9 November, 10am-2h30pm 7 initiations to Awaken the Divine Feminine inside you The Ñusta Karpay are intensive initiation rituals for healing and integration of all feminine aspects inside you.  The Ñusta are the goddesses/princesses of the Andes. Karpay means initiation.  The Ñusta are related to the sacred lakes […]

Sweatlodge Women & Venus ritual

Dear sisters, women of all ages, a warm welcome in the Womb of the Earth, in a safe circle of women. To enter a sweat lodge is like coming home into the womb of mother earth. Traditionally, it is a cleansing and healing process on four levels: physical, emotional, mental and energetic. A sweatlodge reminds […]

Despacho ritual for feminine healing

Wednesday 20 October with Full Moon 4-8 pm.  A despacho is a healing gift for the fire and the earth, an ancient feminine Inca ritual that opens hearts, reconnects your energy with all the elements and empowers your intentions. info & sign up: veerlephara@templeoftheearth.org