Men’s circle – Celtic Fire Ritual

Welcome dear brothers In our next 'Authentic Men' circle around the fire we will have the Beltane, a Celtic ritual that marks the beginning of summer. A very powerful masculine ritual that evolves around giving and receiving the power (of the fire) to manifest a beautiful strong year. info and register: or whatsapp/telegram: +32 […]

💓🌹HEART YONI -talk💓🌹

Dear Yoni-owners, I invite you to the magical and powerful field of Gestalt Therapy. During this 4 hour workshop we are going to dive deeper into the connection between our Heart & Yoni. Gestalt Therapy is based on the same principles as family constellation whereby you tap into the ‘knowing field’. This technique gives us […]

Reunite in Connection – Gathering

What is it deep inside that you really long for? In a deepening circle we create a safe space in which you can share from the heart what's alive in you. Besides sharing you can already take action and go on the mat to embody what you have expressed in the world. At the same […]


Yin yoga

Aloha! • Every friday 11:45 Yin yoga 1,5 hr Experience the magic of the Temple of the Earth and practice yoga. Feel very welcome to join us! A great way to start your day and reconnect with your body. Mats are available. Free tea 10-15€ (sliding scale) sign up: or Telegram @LottieLottie My name is Lottie and […]


Carrie Tree Live

Uk Singer - Songwriter and troubadour Carrie Tree travels to Portugal, bringing a special heart-warming acoustic concert - at the wonderful Temple Of The Earth sanctuary. . ✫ This event is to honour and celebrate the preciousness of all life! . ✫ Joining as a guest musician will be an incredible local musician and songstress […]

€20 – €25

Playfight & Circle work – Full day intensive

On May 24th we invite you to a deep inner journey where Circle Work and Playfight come together. A day to connect in respect and authenticity with ourselves and others, engaging fully with our bodies and their wisdom! 🔸Morning: deepening circle A safe space to look at the stories that keep us from our joyful […]

€65 – €95

Family constellation day

Family constellation day Reunite in connection – with yourself and each other Topic: Relationships As human beings we are part of many systems in which we influence each other. For example, we know the parent-child relationship, the relationship with your friends and or colleagues, but also with yourself or in love and your work. Within […]

€50 – €65

Womb Temple Cacao Ritual for Women

Dear women! I will be sharing a Cacao Ritual with the intention to awaken to the Heart-Womb - an inner presence that affirms our sacred connection with life. Cacao is widely known as a heart-opener but it is also a wonderful womb-medicine. The enchanting, dark and fertile presence of cacao is like the Womb - […]


Summer Solstice Temazcal & Huachuma ceremony

If the EYE OF OUR HEART IS OPEN, in each atom there will be One hundred secrets the book of secrets, Lynn Finegan Welcome in our next Temazcal & Huachuma ceremony. with Summer solstice 18-19 June Sacred plants are powerful tools in our transformation processes. They can help us to increase awareness, to heal our […]

Ancient Maya Wisdom & Days of the Death Mexico Journey

Ancient Maya Wisdom & Days of the Dead A transformative journey that will resonate in every cell of your body October 23nd – November 6th 2022 | 15 days, 14 nights A healing shamanic journey with initiations and rituals, to bring yourself more in balance and live from your unique Heart Dear sister, brother, welcome […]