Wise Playful Women - the Book

Shape shifting. Keys to being an authentic Woman, to remember and integrate your true primal power and joy

Shape Shifting.

Becoming a true, authentic Woman, remembering and integrating your primal power and joy.

In our Western societies the feminine has been suppressed and subordinated for centuries. 
Today, more than ever, it is clear that the world is in turmoil and yearns for a new balance. The feminine needs to be restored, but first there are many wounds to heal. Collectively and in our personal lives.

Women have been limited for too long and it is high time that we break free. To do that, we need to thoroughly examine ourselves, our thoughts, our emotions, our patterns, and our past. We even need to clean up our cells so that we can rise like a phoenix from our ashes and be free, playful and wild again.

In Wise Playful Woman Veerle Phara tells about her own transformation, which was intense and painful, but also wonderful and fruitful. She provides practical tools and keys to liberate yourself from old roles and patterns, to plunge into the dark void and to get to the bottom of it, to finally reappear as a reborn, sensual, wise woman.

In this book she holds a passionate plea for the reappraisal of the feminine and offers a tantalizing exploration of play, ritual and shamanic magic.

Carla Rosseel, autor and celebrant

Veerle Phara is an earth & fire keeper, a coach, sweatlodge- and medicine woman. Her soul mission: healing and transformation of feminine energy.

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    Book Reviews

    This book is a playful & creative guide on your path to being a true, beautiful woman. Offering insights, questions and exercises. It’s an invitation to celebrate life and to remember who you really are, while fully embodying that.
    Annelies Sacred Rebel,
    Soulfulfeet 5Rhythms Teacher
    In this miraculous time, it is a true blessing that we women find and recognize each other again! After thousands of years of invisibility, of going underground, we now emerge! In our full potential, with all our ferocious and magical depths! Sisters! It is time! Thank you, Veerle! For appearing, for courageously showing up, for your love and passion for the fire, for bringing the fire back to women. Thank you so much! For being a female warrior and for your words.
    Sifra Nooter
    Magic of Sexuality
    The book Wise Playful Woman awakens deep wisdom and feminine energy. It is stirred by that primal force that is present in every woman, sometimes dormant, sometimes waking, sometimes wide awake. Veerle Phara gently takes the reader there. She offers practical tools and exercises that can be easily applied in daily life. After reading this book, every woman feels more awake, makes more conscious choices and is even more powerful. Enjoy the journey!
    Sandra Decadt
    vzw Vrouwencirkels.be
    This book is a friendly earthquake. It takes us across borders, beyond our perception of stories that we thought were true, beyond the story itself. Connected to earth, air, fire, and water, it takes you to your shadow and your light. Veerle Phara has put herself in this book, with so much space for all of us to also settle down in it ... and find ourselves. In this book full of life experience, transferred knowledge and wisdom, as much is revealed as you desire.
    Jill Marchant
    IV Therapist
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