Temple of the Earth

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We are not teaching you to run and hide. We are coaching you to stand up as a Woman and Man and follow your path to be, to be autentic, to speak your inner truth and to pursue your path… We need to heal ourselves from the past and follow our heart as rays of light…  Because we are light, strong lasers of light …

We join our powers and our live experiences to create a larger network and foundation to coach women and men on their true healing paths. Our own initiations and long vital processes to be genuine and authentic human beings, we tresspass with love, care, commitment and dedication to Empower persons. As each man or woman innates her own space, roots herself and claims her right of existence, we enrichen the world, and make her shine with beauty, love and light.


Read The story behind our Temple of the Earth, written by Veerle Plumita 

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Women, Heart-Sisters:

We are here for each other, as women, between and together with women. As women we are keepers of wisdom, the wisdom of Mother Earth, of Sister Water, Grandmother Fire and our Sister the Wind, of the Moon, the Sun, the Stars, their cycles and the cycles of Life. We are keepers of the Secrets of Life, connected to the earth and all that the Earth offers us, through our blood, our beautiful body-temple of creation, and our heart. The secrets of the earth come in through us, we carry the creation of life, through our Yoni… it is time to re-encounter and re-member our Being-Woman and our creative power, to come back home and to recognize our magnificance and our Tribal Force...

‘Woman is the ultimate ‘, she told me as we sat before the open fire. ‘Mother Earth belongs to woman, not man. She carries the void’.

(Lynn Andrews, Star Woman)


Men, Soul Brothers:

Do you walk the path of Living with an Open Heart? Do you feel grounded in your Male Energy? Male grounding with an Open heart is my soul mission.

Give freedom to your male spirit, purify on heartslevel so that you can live in faith, live in joy, live in connection.