Temple of the (H)Earth
Creating Healing Vortexes worldwide

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Welcome dear sister, welcome dear brother to the Temple of the (H)Earth

“We are not teaching you to run and hide. We are coaching you to stand up as a Woman and Man and follow your path to be, to be authentic, to speak your inner truth and to pursue your path… We need to heal ourselves from the past and follow our heart as rays of light…  Because we are light, strong lasers of light …” 

The Temple of the Earth is a womb for healing, embodiment and empowerment, including ancient and modern rituals, ceremonies and initiations, healing, movement, arts & creativity. Our main focus is to create a healing flow, sowing and planting seeds for the New Earth.

We join our powers and our live experiences to create a larger network and foundation to coach women and men on their true healing paths. Our own initiations and long vital processes to be genuine and authentic human beings, we transmit with love, care, commitment and dedication to Empower persons. As each man or woman innates her own space, roots herself and claims her right of existence, we enrichen the world, and make her shine with beauty, love and light.

Our House on Wheels & travelling around the world, bringing & sharing our healing gifts

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How to reach us


For a while, The Temple of the Earth will not have a fixed place anymore. We are Heart Travelling Warriors that bring the Temple anywhere in the world, following the Path of our Hearts and showing people that there is only one way … the Path of the Heart

When we find a new place on Earth to settle down, we will let you know. Meanwhile follow us online and host us for a ceremony, ritual, initiation, healing. 

e-mail: info@templeoftheearth.org

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