Welcome dear sister & brother, to our Shamanism Path,
Keeper of the 4 elements
next training starts end October 2021

is a deepgoing journey to your Heart & Soul, in close connection with the medicine man/woman that lives within you, with your inner wisdom. Genuinely starting to live and stand up for who you are and what your true mission is on earth.

This Path includes tuition to guide sweatlodges/be keeper of sweatlodges. The essence of a sweatlodge is as a medicine wheel to rebalance between earth, water, fire and air. This demands a dedication from your heart, in dialogue and connection with each element, all worlds and all energies that are important. You can certainly follow the training if you do not wish to become a sweatlodge keeper. It is a marvellous shamanic instrument to your inner journey.

Aspects of the Path:

  • animism and shamanism worldwide, connected with the elements, the worlds, our ancestors, spirits, guides and power animals
  • principles of shamanic healing: our deepest wounds are our greatest power and challenge
  • connecting and working with the medicine wheel and the power of medicine circles
  • journey to the other worlds to empower yourself and obtain knowledge and wisdom for yourself, your relations and all you love and care for, all your relations
  • rituals, ceremonies and initiations on Earth, Water, Fire and Air/Wind, based on wisdom of (indigenous) cultures worldwide
  • indigenous alchemy
  • the power of sacred spaces and altars
  • rites of passages, death and rebirth
  • lots of practical exercises
  • mini vision quests
  • medicine ceremonies

See more information in our flyer here. 

by Veerle Phara & Yves Vanopslagh, Fire & Earth Keepers in heart & soul and assistants

***here you will find the the flyer in dutch

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