Welcome dear sister & brother, to our Shamanism Path,
Keeper of the 4 elements
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Shamanic Path 2022

Is a profound path on your journey of Heart & Soul, remembering the medicine man/woman that lives within you, connecting with your inner wisdom. Engaging yourself to live authentic and aligned with your true mission on earth.  

Is a rich journey embedded in traditions and cultures worldwide, with rituals, ceremonies and initiations on earth, water, fire and air/wind. We transmit ancient and modern indigenous and shamanic techniques, invite you to discover and connect with the language and wisdom of the elements, and with your source of inner primal power.  

Is a powerful medicine wheel, to rebalance yourself and your surrounding between earth, water, fire and air. To remember the deeper layers of yourself, to let go of all that doesn’t serve you anymore, to heal old wounds and open your heart.

This path is open for everyone

2022 is a powerful 6 master year. The number 6 refers to the connection of opposites. Light and Dark, Male and Female, Fire and Water, Above and Below, Sky and Earth. Connecting the Four Elements and Yourself in the Center, and the Universe outside you. Connecting the secrets of Life. A year to engage and challenge you to listen even more to your heart and what truly, genuine is yours, what ego is and what resonates with your soul and heart. 6 is also a symbol of Venus, the planet/Goddess related to love, fertility, intuition, true feminine identity, power and harmony.

To rebalance yourself, you have to embrace your shadows, release the veils and masks you wear, give free the limiting convictions and stories that are no longer yours. And stand up for your truth, your authentic life story, behind the fear; with courage and faith, remembering our inner wisdom.  Finding the right path by choosing consciously for yourself in connection with the opening of the collective towards the New Earth.

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Shamanic Path 2022

Parts & Tools of this journey:

  • animism  and shamanism worldwide, connecting with the elements, the worlds, ancestors, spirits, guides and power animals
  • principles of shamanic healing: our deepest wounds are our greatest power and challenge
  • connecting and working with medicine wheels
  • shadow work & shape shifting
  • journeys to the other worlds to empower yourself and obtain knowledge and wisdom for yourself and your relations
  • rituals, ceremonies and initiations on Earth, Water, Fire and Air/Wind, based on wisdom of (indigenous) cultures worldwide
  • indigenous alchemy: learn to observe and feel through the perspective of a snake, jaguar, kolibri and eagle/condor
  • the power of sacred spaces, objects and altars
  • ceremonies with sacred Huachuma (San Pedro Cactus)
  • rites of passages, learn to face and meet death, and rebirth
  • lots of practical exercises, yoga, dance, movement & songs
  • mini vision quests
  • personal coaching & healing


Specific for the sweatlodge: we transmit and teach the basic principles to keep a sweatlodge as water keeper. We use sweatlodges as an important shamanic tool on this journey, to release masks and ego, to connect with the underworld, to embrace our shadows and stand strong in your grounding and center in this intense world we are living in.

We observe the difference between traditional sweatlodges as the inipi of North America, and temazcales/ritual purification lodges from Central and South America, and how we can create sweatlodges for certain groups.

We share songs and wisdom on herbs, smudging and incenses.

Welcome. Heart Embrace! Aho!

Music: Romain Liebs – https://romainliebs.bandcamp.com/

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