Ceremonial Huachuma Weekend & Temazcal

more info please write to events@templeoftheearth.org   This event is part of the Wise Playful Week (09.07. – 17.07.) more information: https://templeoftheearth.org/wise-playful-week/

Flowing Playful Yoga – Veerle Phara

Connecting with yourself, with your breath, with your roots; becoming aware of every movement from within and feeling, growing, creating, surrendering to the wisdom of your body. A combination of hatha, dru and vinyasa yoga, poses, sequences and movements that relaxes& opens the joints, gives strength, strengthens muscles and enhance flexibility and balance in your […]


Heart IQ Circle – Betty

(circle work/ group dynamics) This method allows personal themes/issues to be held by a larger “knowing”, a “bigger body”, formed by the group. The work is done in the heart of the circle, with clear agreements to ensure the safety. Heart IQ is based on intuition, openness, mutual respect, witnessing, bodywork, floorwork, resonance. Max 20 […]


Embodied Conversation – Betty

Expression with movement, without speech. We start with an exploration of our own moving bodies, our innate reactions to sound. In the next phase, we interact with one another lead by curiosity and wonder. We continue the session in a circle, where we can invite or be invited to have an “embodied conversation” with someone […]


Raw Motion / Playfight Circle – Betty

An exhilarating mix of Romping and Play-fight:  The initial Playfight as it is brought together by the Matteo Tangi is being mixed with other types of embodied circle work. The goal is to find answers in our bodies, where our minds can not go. To open doors and reveal patterns, that our ‘heads’ can’t figure […]


Community Earth Mandala – Mascha

I invite you for a Co-Creation to reunite our creative power to create the New Earth! This will be an open creative experience of free flow, self expression within a Co Creation <3 Looking forward to paint with you! Welcome to bring some snacks :) I will offer all Material! Energy exchange is sharing the […]


Tibetan Yoga – Betty

A very old method of movement that deblocks and restores our bodies and minds, so our self healing capacity increases naturally. We work with the elements, dynamic poses and mindful breathing. Yogamats, pillows and blankets available. You can also bring your own yogamat.   This event is part of the Wise Playful Week (09.07. - […]


Creative Playground – Mascha

We will experiment with liquid watercolor and a foam printing technique to create your own greeting cards! We start with a creative Yin Yoga Session to open our creative channel for the intuitive painting experience afterwards. No painting skills are needed, bring just an open heart. Let's explore together the infinite possibilities of intuitive creativity […]


Shadow Circle – Betty

Shining the light on Shame, Blame, Guilt and Doom Circle work where we go down the rabbit hole of “what we don’t want others to know about us”. We experience the freeing effect of showing the ugliest parts of ourselves, to find out that we need to embrace it all. Expect a lot of beauty, […]


Dance & Play –  7 Rhythms Chakra Dance – Veerle Phara

Dance and Move from your connection with all that is; with earth, water, fire, air, ether, time, space and all elements. A dance full of play, passion, creation and life flow. We start from grounding and centering, breathe and move from what lives inside us, stir up our firepower, listen to our hearts, discover the […]