Shamanic Medicine Retreat – The Blue Path

14.03.24 – 21.03.24

Shamanic Medicine Journey – El Camino Azul

8 Keys or individual & collective healing

Ready to take a deep dive into shamanic medicine? Tapping into the resources of the elemental powers, nature and the energetic worlds.

Receiving tools to rebalance yourself, to release the limiting convictions and stories that are no longer yours. To stand up for your truth, your authentic life story, behind the fear, with courage and faith. Connecting with who you are on a heart and soul level.

Remembering that our Earth was originally intended to be a fun creative place where souls incarnate in physical forms to create, love, play, live in joy, compassion, one with nature, the elements and all beings.

Many indigenous cultures have since ancient times lived with that wisdom. Slowly, many rituals and initiations are being remembered to spread into the world so our cells, DNA and brains are waking up again to reclaim what we once lost.

Shamanism has been used since ancient times for healing and problem solving, to restore the balance of the individual and collective field.

By following this Shamanic Retreat you can step out of the grey zone of your life, regain thrust and confidence in yourself and heal your creative power and life force energy on many levels.

This Retreat is open to everyone.

flyer: Shamanic Medicine Journey – El Camino Azul

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