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A series of initiations with nine healing rituals. These initiations were given to us by the Q’eros, a people from the Andean region of Peru known as the last descendants of the Incas. The nine initiations help people to evolve more quickly in consciousness and transform to a higher frequency as light beings, making them more attuned to the increase in frequency of Pacha Mama, Mother Earth.

The word Munay means love power and Munay-ki means: I love you, from the deepest of my heart, or I love you, as you are in essence. Quechua, the language of many Andean peoples and of the Q’eros, does not know a word for love, not even for the word will. Munay is Love and Will together. Either loving willpower or willful love, the real power of unconditional love. The Munay-ki gives an enormous power of love for yourself and the world around you. Through a shift of perception, distance from the past, from old patterns, you learn to make changes happen through your heart. By really opening your heart, for yourself, for the other and for the greater whole, by gaining a higher awareness and by making and sharing connections.

The Munay-ki is like a train ticket for the journey to freedom to be who you essentially are and to the awareness of oneness. The Munay-ki allows you to take giant steps in your own transformation process and takes you beyond the illusion of separation. It restores the connection with your inner strength. With your own divine nature. In this way the Munay-ki brings you closer to your true destiny here on earth. It makes you feel better in your authentic power. Your power to create and manifest your dreams in this world.

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Making the seeds blossom

In essence, the initiations give you the wisdom and strength to accept responsibility for all creation. That you are the creator/creator or guardian of your own world. The Incas teach us how there can be a world in harmony and abundance. They live in the conviction that at our birth we were given the right to live a long and happy life in harmony and abundance. This is in contrast to our Western idea that we are born with an original sin because we have been removed from Paradise. Which is explainable for our notions of scarcity, deficiency, guilt, judgement and condemnation.

Heaven on earth, the life of the Homo Luminus (light being). All you have to do in your life is to manifest the potential of your seeds of light. The germination of this seed can start with the initiations of the Munay-ki. It is also up to you to let the seeds grow to full maturity. To large corncobs say the Incas! The Andean tradition shows the way: Live according to the law of Ayni, the law of sacred reciprocity. The way to live in Ayni is sharing. Also the initiations are there to share. The more we share, the larger the seeds in ourselves become and the greater the possibility of becoming Homo Luminus (light beings) personally and as humanity. The closer we come to world peace and harmony on our planet earth. Therefore the Munay-ki is also a path to enlightenment and world peace.

The nine initiations take place through the chakras. The chakras are the connections between our energy field and the physical body, they are connected to our spinal cord and thus directly inform our neurophysiological system and brain. For the Incas these are the Ñawi, the eyes or gates through which we can receive energy and light….

» The first initiation is the Hampe Rite, the Initiation of the Healer, a ritual in which we receive healing from the realm of your ancestors. This initiation activates your ability to heal yourself and others.

» The second initiation is the Chumpi Rite and consists of the Bands of Strength, five bands of energy that help protect you from negative influences.

» The third initiation is the Ayni Karpay, the Rite of Harmony, in which you receive seven archetypes in your chakras as seeds of light. This ritual helps you to distance yourself from your past and create space for the here and now.

» The fourth initiation is the Kawaq Rite, the Initiation of the Seer. This initiation connects light fibers from your visual cerebral cortex in the back of your mind to the third eye and the heart-chakra, activating the inner seer within you.

» The fifth dedication, the Pampamesayok, is the Keeper of the Day and gives you keys to heal the feminine line within yourself and generations before you, in connection with Mother Earth.

» The sixth dedication, the Altomesayok, is the Keeper of Wisdom. This initiation connects you with the masculine within you and with Father Sun, and heals the masculine line within you and generations before you.

» The seventh dedication is Kuraq Akuyek, the Keeper of the Earth. This initiation connects with the energy of archangels and the stars, and allows you to turn your dreams into reality.

» The eighth initiation is Mosoq Karpay, the Keeper of the Stars. According to tradition, your physical body begins to evolve into that of Homo Luminus (light being) when you receive this rite. It frees you from the past, the aging process is slowed down and you become immune to diseases you were first prone to.

» The ninth initiation is Taytanchis, the Initiation of the Creator. When you receive this initiation, you awaken the divine light within. It activates the Light of Creation, the Creator within you. The latter makes all previous initiations more powerful.

Latin America is my soul continent where Veerle Phara lived for a long time and has been connected to for 34 years in this life.

She was initiated as a priestess in the Inca tradition (Q’ero line) and baptized in the Sacred Lake of Titicaca and also received the Hatun Karpay initiations.

The Munay Ki initiations, like the Ñusta Karpay, the Rite of the Womb and so many other Andean rituals and ceremonies, are inspired by her intense bond with this continent.

It is a great honor for her to share and pass on the energy and wisdom of indigenous peoples and mother nature over there.

Both initiations contain for her an energy of homecoming, healing, grounding, soft flow, heart energy, in short, a transformation necessary for the whole western culture and for each of us!

I invite you to participate in these special initiations, as a woman, as a man…

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Practical information:
Both initiations, the Munay-Ki and Ñusta Karpay, can be followed separately. They complement each other very well.

Series of 9 initiations MUNAY-KI :
Contribution: 177 euros (for the whole series, in group).

Individual 350 euros.

Included: course material, Pi-Stone & gift.
Pi-Stone= an initiation stone that accompanies the whole series and you will receive it after the 9th initiation. I also provide tea, water, refreshments.

Important: you cannot register for initiations separately as these initiations form one whole and one initiation follows the other.

Lankay, Munay, Yachay
in light and love

Veerle Phara

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