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Embody, Empower & Express!

The essence of a coaching session is to support a person in her/his process of changing and seeking keys that can help him/her to open up and change in the direction they wish to go or who they wish to become or to be. It unlocks a person’s potential and helps to empower someone, to increase awareness and consciousness.

Therefore we offer intuitive, contextual, creative and shamanic coaching.

Coaching includes a healing interaction between the coach and the client. Learning to feel and experience who someone really is apart from old conditions, patterns and thoughts. Learning to free oneself from pain, sadness, frustration, fear or any emotion that is deeply anchored in our organs, pelvis, womb, balls. Remembering that we are not our emotions. Our emotions are mirrors or shadows that help us to grow and remember who we truly are on a deeper level. Embody, Empower & Express… embody and embrace what lives inside you, give it the strength or gentleness it needs, and express it the way it wishes to heal, through any form of creation (sound, image, movement, constellation, play…).

Our offer is a conscious blend of intuitive, contextual and creative coaching. Through creative coaching we learn to take distance from our emotions our mind, we make use of different kinds of techniques to be able to look with other eyes to the patterns we repeat and the trauma’s that are stuck in our body.

See also shamanic healing because our coaching is often a combination of creative/contextual and shamanic coaching.

We no longer need to live in separation. Whatever backpack we carry with us from our birth or early childhood, whatever trauma or karma we came into this world with, there is always and for everyone a path to unity and connection with the universal source of love, light, trust, creation, and with your inner self, with your heart and soul.
Veerle Phara
Founder of the Temple of the Earth

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Veerle Phara

Personal Coaching, Creative & Shamanic Coaching​

Veerle Phara is an Earth & Fire keeper, creative & shamanic coach, medicine woman & healer. She gives sweatlodges/temazcales, rituals, initiations and ceremonies over the world.

She is a wise woman, initiated as Paq’a in the tradition of the ancient Inca cultures, dedicated to support women in their healing process and healing & transforming of feminine energy on earth.

Contact: Telegram, Signal & What’s App: +32 473879410

Yves Vanopslagh​

Personal Coaching, Shamanic Coaching, Healing & Vision Quest​

Through diverse trainings as holistic therapy, reiki, polarity massage, medium, Munay Ki, Ñusta Karpay, and a profound interest in shamanism, his heart and intuition started to open.

It became clear that his capacity to feel and his strong intuition, are important guides in his life. He coaches men on their path of the Heart Warrior. His life mission is Male Grounding with an Open Heart.

Contact: What’s app & Telegram: +32 478389718


Soul Realignment & Mentoring

Mascha offers a soul mentoring & transformational coaching combined with Akashic Record readings. The deep dive within her coaching is to support you to reconnect to your individual soul blueprint and to remember your Soul Purpose! You carry precious natural gifts within you! By living your true self with your natural abilities and talents, you not only feel in the flow of life, feel joyful and free, but also attract all kind of abundance easily, because you are aligned with yourself - with your soul - with your true nature.

Within the coaching you will identify and release emotional, mental and energetic blockages which prevent you from shining your light. And you will also get information from the Akashic Records if you carry any karmic patterns from past lives with you, so we can clear them as well!

Mascha's work is dedicated to realign you with your original soul path, so can live yourself free!

Remember who you really are and reconnect to your true soul's nature!

Contact: Telegram: +49176 59990285