Awakening The Feminine

Awakening the feminine is a call to open for ancient wisdom, rituals, ceremonies, initiations.


Dear sisters, women,

We are here for each other as women, among and with women. As women, we know the play of the elements, we are wisdom keepers, the wisdom of the earth, of the water, of the fire, of the air and the wind,
of the moon, the sun, the stars, their cycles and the cycles of life.

We are keepers of the secrets of life, connected to the deepest creative force of the earth and the highest creative energy of the universe, through our blood, our beautiful bodies as temples, and our heart.
We are shape shifters. Connected to the living web between all dimensions and worlds. The secrets of the earth pass through us, we carry the creation of life in the grail of our pelvis, through our yoni and our womb … It is time for us women to honour, acknowledge and rediscover our womanhood, to unshame old stories on all levels, to come home and to stand in our dignity and primal power. All-One, among women and equally together with men.


Awakening the feminine is a call to open for ancient wisdom, rituals, ceremonies, initiations. No longer separate the mind from the body. Embody who we are, through singing, dancing, playing, walking, chanting, breathing, creating. Co-creating the web of the sacred movement that we all live in. Planting seeds for the new earth.

Remembering who we are, we really have to become members again of our tribes. Learn to dive into the darkness of our wombs, of our shadows, our roles, our deepest wounds and fears, and surrender to what we have to embrace, to express, to heal. Our willingness to face the dark is the key to our own development. What we are afraid of, is actually the treasure at the core of our being, the female source that we have so long been separated from.

So open up to a sweatlodge, to the womb of mother earth, to the darkness, the stillness, but also to explore our wombs, our bellies, our yoni’s, our hearts, our souls.

Let’s be wise playful women & high priestesses… Welcome to the tribe, bringing our memory back.

Veerle Phara

read this text on remembering who we are as High Priestesses!

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We are keepers of the Secrets of Life, connected to the earth and all that the Earth offers us, through our blood, our beautiful body-temple of creation, and our heart.

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Wise Playful Woman
Today, more than ever, it is clear that the world is out of balance and yearns for a new balance. The female may be honored again, but first there are many wounds to heal. In this book Veerle Phara makes a wonderful plea for the revaluation of the feminine and offers a tantalizing exploration of play, ritual and shamanic magic.

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