More about me

Men, Heart-Warriors:

I am Yves, fire keeper, heart warrior, connected to my ancestors

I was born in a small village in Belgium. Very young I lost both my parents, and lived through some turbulent years of living and surviving. At 35 years I had a heavy accident that changed abrupt my life. In that period I found my inner Self, and started to immerse myself more in the spiritual world.   

Through diverse trainings as holistic therapy, reiki, polarity massage, medium, Munay Ki, Nusta Karpay, and a profound interest in shamanism, my heart and intuition started to open. I became clear that my capacity to feel and my strong intuition, are the guides in my life. Supported by my guides and ancestors, my passed away father and an indian warrior, I feel how to heal people and to support them in their personal process.

Together with my guides and my drum I know how to liberate entities the way upwards, to purify places or houses.

Since 2001 I started to immerse myself in sweatlodge ceremonies and fire keeper and started to guide my own swaetlodge ceremonies, first in Holland, then in Belgium and throughout the world. Our sweatlodge ceremonies are based on a mixture of Navajo shamanism, temazcales and Celtic sweatlodges.  They are not traditional, the focus lies on a creative proces with space for liberation, openness, transformation, encounters of people, hearts, breaking with rules that do not belong to the energy we live in nowadays. We also work with heart medicine, as sacred plants, where I feel being carried by the energy of the plant to coach and support people in their proces. It is as I am becoming one with the sacred plant…. I also love to help others with sound healing through blockades or burdens.

I am becoming an elder, and feel each day more how I can coach and guide young men to become grounded heart warriors. The Temple of the Earth is a space where one feels purified, healed, one can return home with a loving and enriched feeling of wellness, that questions are  answered, hearts are opened.

I am a builder, for many years I have been working in eco-constructing and building yurts .

Let us enter this challenge and may I invite you all to take place…

‘In each heart there is a deep, spiritual longing to a sustainable and firm faith, a positive strong faith, that makes us believe in a magical existence. An authentic faith that anchors our being. A lot of young people miss this firm anchor for their soul. Let us arise together to a higher dimension so we can help our children and the ones near us to find this anchor…”