Dear Women,

Welcome in our next women’s herbal sweatlodge in the theme of self-love, thrust, embracing who we are in our full creative potential as women.

In the Temazcal (a Latin American sweatlodge tradition) we surrender ourselves to the fire, the earth, the water, the stones and our breath. We sink into our body and create space on all layers for what wishes to live in us.

This sweat lodge is open to all women, including women in their moon time. A beautiful healing gift for yourself. You don’t need to have sweat lodge experience. In this lodge we can be and feel, surrender, open our senses and listen our hearts….

After the sweatlodge we close our ceremony together with a soup and a sharing circle.

Your journey will be guided safely by Phara, medicine women and sweatlodge/temazcal keeper for 10 years, having guided for over hundreds of sweatlodges.

sign up:


Practical information:

* location: Temple of the Earth Aljezur

* bring along: when you register, you will receive a list of what to bring

* contribution: 66,- for a wonderful day of feeding, purifying, healing, sharing and being together with women, sharing, enjoying,…
* starts at 10h30 and ends around 19h