Shamanic Healing

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learn to transcend your EGO, traveling to the heart and soul

In shamanic healing we look at illness and healing as a part of a larger whole. 

* you feel emotionally or mentally out of balance or you feel depressed
* you have lost your grounding
* you are stuck in a burn-out or feel exhausted for a longer period
* you have an accident or an operation
* your immune system is weak, you are easy ill, get a cold, a flu, …
* you are low in energy
* the world seems against you and whatever you try or seek, nothing seems to work
* you feel that you are alone in this world and you think that it was all a mistake: the family you were born in, the place were you grew up, the name your parents gave you, your biological sisters/brothers
* you are restless
* your ego and your head/mind demand your whole life, you don’t find the way towards the path of your heart and soul

Indigenous - ancients and contemporary - cultures from all over the world, believe strongly that we live in a sacred web where everything is connected, as well our material world as the invisible worlds. The word shaman or shamanca means literally he or she who knows and is the person (medicine man or woman) who has mastered spirits, who can connect with the invisible world and knows how to heal people where they need it.

* Shamans can enter other states of consciousness from their own will;

* In this state they can travel to other worlds and interact with other spirits or entities;

* They use these journeys to gain knowledge, insight, power and strength to help/support other people in their personal healing process or in the healing process of a community - to open channels again so that the energy can flow freely

The Power of Shamanism

In shamanic healing we trust that everything begins in the energy. In other words, we believe that all the material and physical problems we encounter in this world are reflections or messages from the energetic world. Shamanic healing is also energetic healing but the difference between energetic healing and shamanic healing, is that we do not only look to the energetic fields within the body, but also to the imbalances in the energetic fields that surrounds us.

So in order to truly heal, we have to travel to the energetic world to repair all the malfunctions and damage in this world. For we know that what we can heal in the energetic world, will also be healed in the material world.

Through shamanic healing you:

* learn to transcend your EGO, travelling to the heart and soul, you learn to live authentically and truthfully
* are able to transform problematic/heavy/negative emotions or old pains/wounds like fear, anger, hatred, sadness, feeling a victim off, jealousy, lying,…
* learn that you are NOT your emotions
* stimulate positive emotions such as love, joy, play, compassion, being equal, loyalty, compassion, humbleness and gratitude
* investigate the mind, how the mind deceives you. You learn to let go of the fact that your mind wants to control everything
* are able to give your motivations/interests a (new) direction – what is true, learning to separate the wheat from the chaff! You learn to grasp and to meet with the central themes in life, and to be able to replicate them
* learn to be courageous. Even in the darkest moments and trials of your life, even in resistance (what have I gotten myself into…?), in the greatest mirrors or shadows, you learn that the sun will shine again and again. It takes courage, hope and trust/faith to persevere on your true path. Even if you think, now I am at my limit (in the sweat lodge for example), you breathe, you trust, you surrender and you continue in all softness
* Discover and remember your true mission on earth; you write your life story (again), not the story of your parents. How long will you hold on to the old? You have a choice!
* as your consciousness develops, you will trust your intuition more and more and learn to speak from your heart

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individual shamanic healing

by Veerle Phara, medicine woman

Deep healing techniques and ancient sounds to release, extract and heal (old) energetic patterns, believes, traumas, soul contracts, soul loss, curses, black magic. Sometimes these aspects have been implanted in your system from the moment you were born, or installed through soul contracts that limit you to really live your life truly.

A soul mission is fundamentally different from a soul task.

A soul task is usually linked to a soul contract. When we incarnate in this life with heavy dark parts and/or karma from past lives, we may not end up with our true soul family. We may be born into a family in which we can learn and heal a lot, where we are held up a tough mirror, which makes our life not so pleasant and joyful. As a soul, before we incarnated in our current body, we established contracts with (grand-, step- or in-law) mothers, (grand-, step- or in-law) fathers, aunts, uncles, ... as a sort of obligation.

When we received these soul tasks, we could not oppose them: this is what you are going to do in this life. For the simple reason that we thought we were going to get something in return, something that would bring us joy, financial or other sorts of prosperity, convenience and security. In doing so, we didn’t know that we accepted tasks that led to Doing instead of Being. A kind of hidden obligation that obstructs our freedom from birth and makes us obey those with whom we have concluded these contracts.

Being freed of the past, of old stories and blockages, you can live free, from your heart and in joy.

individual Huachuma healing sessions

by Yves, Huachuma medicine man

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individual sweatlodge

by Yves or / and Veerle Phara

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personal initiations

by Veerle Phara

Empower and heal yourself through the power of initiations.
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Ñusta Karpay (7 initiations)

Hatun Karpay & Ñusta Karpay (2 initiations to balance the masculine and the feminine inside yourself)

Rite of the Womb

Rite of the Yoni

Vision & Healing Quest

by Yves or / and Veerle Phara

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Vision Quest
Healing Quest
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