Our Mission: creating a healing vortex

Our Vision & Mission

The Temple of the Earth is a Womb for healing, embodiment & empowerment, including ancient and modern rituals, ceremonies & initiations, shamanism,
healing, movement, arts & creativity.

Dear sister, Dear brother, do you walk the Path of Consciousness?

To being an authentic person, to live with an Open Heart, and be free and wild to live your passion, your Heart and Soul Mission, on our way to create the New Earth. 

Discovering your untapped inner resources as a key for healing, to be able to flower your greatest potentials and live as passionate and whole Human Beings.

A place to Heal – to ReSource – to ReConnect – to Receive – to Share – to ReCreate – to ReMember who your are –  to Be, to Feel –  to Surrender to Nature, as a Mirror of your Shadows, your Heart and your Soul

Our Mission:
to create a Temple of the (H)Earth

We have a vision … please read our Mission more in detail (Mission-of-our-Centre-in-Aljezur)

For years we had been searching for a unique place in the world to create a healing vortex, a place for heart connection and personal growth through conscious resourcement. A place where people can heal and remember themselves and nature on deeper levels, through rituals, ceremonies, initiations, shamanism, retreats and events.

A domain in Nature where indigenous and contemporary rituals and ceremonies worldwide, can inspire younger people and adults on their life path, reaching out keys in personal development to live as genuine, authentic men or women, living and realizing their true mission in the world.

A centre with attention for sustainable proyects, for living together as a spiritual family, for local communities and for the social-ecological and economical environment.

The Temple of the Earth is as a Womb. A safe place with lots of space in a surrounding where you can reconnect with yourself and your roots, with the earth and all the elements. A Womb of recognition, love, surrendering, freedom.  Together with others and with yourself, all-one and alone, as part of a circle, the centre of the circle and the circle itself.

The Temple of the Earth is embedded in a valley, a safe place created by Nature, a gift to us to create this space to a Place of Connection. Connecting with yourself, with others, with nature, with earth water fire and air/wind, connecting with one point and with all that exists. Just walk up the hills to look out over 700 ha of nature reserve, breath, scream and Feel Alive.

Mother Earth welcomes you here

Mother Earth gives protection and holds your space. She gives you warmth and receives you as you are. You can come here to let go, to cry, to feel deeply, to connect, to laugh, to play, to sing, to connect with the wisdom of your body, with your own deep nature, with your heart path, with the journey of your soul.

You can come here to re-source when you are lost, recharge your energy and batteries, meet people who are walking a similar life journey, re-discover or re-formulate your vision or re-design your path.

You arrive here with all your bodies, to re-connect with the earth, with your heart to feel the love of PachaMama. You can arrive here to find and enlighten your fire again, your passion that brings movement into all your layers. You connect with the air by walking through the hills in the surrounding nature, to connect with the wisdom of the ocean, to surrender to the flow of the water. On top of the hills you see the sun arise. In the warmth of the valley you feel embedded.

The fire brings you to your instincts. The creek brings you joyfullness, the stillness and infinity testing your comfortzones. The animals, plants, bushes and trees are your brothers and sisters, your ancestors all around.

Our centre: a place for retreats, workshops, rituals, ceremonies, incentives, meetings and brainstorming …

  • for men and women on their path to awareness/consciousness, to coming home in their heart, to ground, to re-source themselves and to work on their personal development
  • to make connection between ancient/indigenous and new/contemporary rituals and ceremonies
  • to create a worldwide Temple of the Earth, to support people towards consciousness on the Earth, the impact of behaviour, (over)consumption and the lack of respect and reciprocity for the Earth
  • to create an international platform (physical and online) for consciousness/awareness on the earth and what our real mission & task is as a Keeper of the Earth
  • to invite Elders and workshop teachers, of different cultures, to trespass their wisdom, knowledge and vision
  • for local communities, by employment of local people, by purchase of local products of the farmers/on the markets, and by conserving the nature reserve Vale da Nora (which is partly on our domain)
  • self supporting by yurts, tipis, solar energy, proper watersources and reserves, permaculture,…
  • more info? info@templeoftheearth.org

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