Our Mission: Opening Hearts worldwide

Our Vision & Mission

As Heart Travelling Warriors we created the Temple of the (H)Earth
first as a Healing Womb in Belgium, then in Aljezur, Portugal
untill our Heart and Soul asked us to move on
and create Healing vortexes wherever we go and travel.

We create deep rooted Heart opening spaces for healing, embodiment & empowerment, through ceremonies, initiations, ancient and modern shamanic rituals, coaching, dance, sounds & movement

Dear sister, Dear brother, do you walk the Path of Consciousness?

To being an authentic person, to live with an Open Heart, and be free and wild to live your passion, your Heart and Soul Mission, on our way to create the New Earth. 

Discovering your untapped inner resources as a key for healing, to be able to flower your greatest potentials and live as passionate and whole Human Beings.

Read Phara her books on Feminine Wisdom

Wise Playful Woman. Shape Shifting. Becoming a True Authentic woman. Remembering your Joy. In English & Dutch

Temple of the Black Sun.. On Ancient Feminine Wisdom. (2023)


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Heal yourself – ReSource yourself – ReConnect yourself – ReMember who you are – Free yourself from your Past & Traumas –  Surrender to Nature – Dare to Shape Shift – Expand your Awareness – Be Authentic & Free – Open to the Black Sun  &  the Heart travelling Warrior – Follow the path of  your Heart and your Soul 

Our Mission:
to open people's HEARTS

Our mission together started when we met in a sweatlodge and ceremony in February 2012 in Holland. A strong reconnection of two souls that had already walked many paths in this life and were ready to create Temples of the (H)Earth. 

We created several centres for healing & shamanism in Europe and in april 2017 Veerle Phara had a strong Vision on her Quest to create a temple of the Earth. For years we had been searching for a unique place in the world to create a healing vortex, a place for heart connection and personal growth through conscious resourcement. A place where people can heal and remember themselves and nature on deeper levels, through rituals, ceremonies, initiations, shamanism, retreats and events.

We found an inspiring place in Aljezur Portugal where we literally implanted the Temple in the Earth. And during 4 years we created a Healing Shamanic Centre. 

Hundreds of volunteers and friends supported us to build and maintain this magic place on earth. Hundreds of people from all over the world visited us, followed events as rituals, ceremonies, initiations, sweatlodges, coachings, healings, dance, yoga and feminine and masculine healing circles in the Temple yurts and outside the fire. The fire was often in our middle as an enormous transformator, healer, medicine man or woman. Even during the corona years, we kept on holding space and our place was open to host many events and healing journeys. We created a sacred web and a secure space for so many people.

We coached so many young people and adults on their life path, reaching out keys in personal development to live as genuine, authentic men or women, living and realizing their true mission in the world.

This Temple of the Earth was like a Womb. A safe place with lots of space in a surrounding where you could reconnect with yourself and your roots, with the earth and all the elements. A Womb of recognition, love, surrendering, freedom.  

During the last year, we kept on receiving messages from the medicine, from our heart and soul, that it was time to move on. 

Our own heart and soul asked us to take a next step in life and sell our place, leaving it to a next generation. We have been creating shamanic centres for the last 15 years and feel some exhaustion. Heading more towards our 60-ies and in these challenging and intense times we live, we feel it is time to look with other eyes to our lives and really feel… What makes our heart and soul truly happy, beyond the ego, when do we not only nurture others but also feel nurtured ourselves and how can we be at service for this earth and for the collective energy on earth on a next level?

Taking a next step, is also stepping into the void, which is never easy, especially in these times when nothing is sure and stable. We are with a large group of conscious (medicine) people healing so much on individual and collective levels on earth, that sometimes it shakes hard inside ourselves. Since we signed the contract to pass on our place in Aljezur, we have felt a lot of grief. It is good to grief because it makes the energy flow. When you let go of your child, one has to cut a certain moment the umbilical cord, which is a process that doesn’t happen from one day to another. A process that you can only really feel when you have had children yourself (Phara has 2 and Yves 3 children, and the Temple is our Child together) that at a certain moment decide… It is time for my Rite of Passage, to cut through an umbilical cord and become a woman or a man. I will never forget the day that my son, at his 18years (now 28!) decided to take off to Australia on his own to become a man. It felt heartbroken for two weeks. But his Rite of Passage, not always easy, brought him after a year back as a man…

Two days after we signed our contract, the big company Petrosal started cutting the eucalyptus woods behind the Temple, leaving nature that we cherished so much the last years, where we sang, did so many quests, rituals, ceremonies and healing walks, destroyed. How energy works.

In a certain moment, it will be time to create a new Temple, a new healing vortex on earth. Whenever the universe and mother earth feel that it is time for this, without pushing. We wish to take time to feel, nurture ourselves and receive new wisdom, so we can transmit this energy on the right place. Meanwhile we journey as Travelling Heart Warriors and carry the Temple of the Earth in our Heart wherever we land. 

We wish to express our gratitude to all the people and friends that are open to receive us, where we can land meanwhile, who have already offered us a place to stay.

Our place that we leave behind, still with some sorrow in our hearts, received another name and another mission.

Let us know if you wish to host a huachuma ceremony, sweatlodge, ritual or initiation on ancient feminine wisdom or heart warrior energy at your place, anywhere in the world.

Sending love and a warm embrace and so much gratitude to each one of you

The Travelling Heart Warriors

Phara & Yves

info@templeoftheearth.org & veerlephara@templeoftheearth.org & yves@templeoftheearth.org

Books of Veerle Phara

Wise Playful Woman. 

in English & Dutch 

Temple of the Black Sun. On Ancient Feminine Wisdom (2023)

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