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Veerle Phara & Yves

Welcome dear sister, welcome dear brother to the Temple of the (H)Earth

Loving each other for 7,5 years now…we met in a beautiful medicine ceremony in the North of Holland, in a sweatlodge…never forget that precious moment.

Having shared many ups and downs, travels, sweatlodges, ceremonies, rituals, deep dives into a fascinating world of giving and receiving, surrendering to nature and all that life offers us…wonderful how life brought us together, a Big Scorpion Bear and a Strong and Passionate double Lion…

in a medicine wheel that weaves all elements together and brings us on a Path to heal, to initiate, to share, to kiss, to feel, to love …

thank you Ageeth for these magic pictures taken during the Men-Women Hieros Gamos festival in Holland 

more info on us connected with the festival

Veerle Phara
“my heart and soul mission on earth is healing and transformation of feminine energy”

“I am Yves, fire keeper, heart warrior, connected to my ancestors”

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