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I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am...

"These insights have given me a springboard to strengthen my process towards more self-love and acceptance and to guide it more consciously."

Dear Yves and Veerle,

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the experiences during my stay at Temple of the Earth, your beautiful power place. I have felt so much support and understanding for my process towards much more self-love, self-respect, self-esteem and discovering and bringing home my hidden programming and limiting beliefs.

The field you have created is of unprecedented power, beauty and depth. The Temple, your compassion, your open hearts, your wisdom, understanding, love and support are very special. All these qualities came together for me in the plant medicine ceremonies that I was allowed to do with you over the past months. I have felt so carried by an enormous field of compassion, sincerity and clarity, without judgement and fully respected in where I was in my process. Because of this I was able to fully experience what I needed to experience, at times intense, deep and heavy, at other times serene, light and full of joy.

The core of what I have seen during the ceremonies is that if I keep my attention and energy with myself, I can clearly observe what happens around me and within myself. As an extrovert person I have always focused on my surroundings for confirmation, love and attention. My greatest insight came when, during the ceremonies, I saw situations that literally mirrored how I have often acted, from my unconscious programmes and limiting beliefs. In those observations I could also see very clearly what was happening within me, under the influence of what I saw. The next level was the realisation that it is actually the other way round: we create our own environment under the influence of what happens inside ourselves (consciously or unconsciously): so within, so without.

These insights have given me a springboard to strengthen my process towards more self-love and acceptance and to guide it more consciously. I was able to experience what it is like to speak to myself in a soft and loving way and in this way create my own safety. To feel the love that is in me, to experience the power and the beauty of nature and the elements and to feel deep inside me that I am an inseparable part of that.

My gratitude is great, very great. I carry you both, together with Temple of the Earth, in my heart.

Warm, loving greetings and see you very soon,

Thierry Ananda

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Dear Phara, I wish to say one more time thank you to you both. I am so thankful for the experience and that you both hold the space until the end. Your anker, Phara, is so deep and light, your singing and your voice is light. Different healings at different stages. With every cup a little bit deeper. And I'm thankful for myself. The medicine and my body decided together. I had two intentions, how I can hold healing space and if I can allow my self to lower my borders and let myself be connected. I got answers for both of them. I'm thankful for that wonderful people in that circle. I'm thankful for that we are all connected in this wonderful universe. In Love, Veronika
In love, Veronika
So much gratitude for this place. It is one of those magic places where it can be felt strongly that there is creation through pure authenticity and strong dedication to a mission from the heart.
Johannes M.
I had an incredible experience during the new year's retreat and ceremony. Yves en Veerle Phara are two incredibly warm people and you can feel how there went a lot of love into building the Temple, with all the beautiful yurts and the temazcal. Thank you, and see you soon again, - Thomas
Thomas M.
A Powerful place with powerful people in a powerful area.. What can go wrong?! 😁 No seriously.. Aljezur is one of the magicals places, next to Sintra, where I ever had been. I consider it's like the healing centre of Europe, and it deserved the temple of the earth! ❤️🌎🙏🏻 LOVE and LIGHT 🌈☀️❤️
Stefan F.
very special and wonderful place to connect with yourself and others. beautifully created and feels very safe and home.
Nora M.
Place full of real Power and Magic <3 You won’t believe it is so close to Aljezur! I've felt like I was in the amazon jungle rather than in south of Portugal ;) But the place is not just the breathtaking Nature, but also has some real luxury, like swimming pool and sauna. You can sleep in real, beautifully equipped Mongolian yurts, have your yoga or other activity in one big yurt, with a wooden floor and fire place inside, just amazing! The real jewels of that place are the owners – real shamans full of wisdom, Veerle Phara & Ives. If you decide to be their guests, you will come back for sure.
Agni A.
A beautiful place where you can spend wonderful time close to the nature, close to your soul. The place where you can sit and relax and find the connection between yourself and the universe. The place where you can stop and just breath to feel the here and now. Thank you for having us, Phara and Ives! For your energy and goodness!
Natalia K.
Na een ceremonie: Trauma.., Ik postte er iets over… maar ik heb de post gewist… ondanks jullie erg mooie en meelevende reacties… Niet omdat ik me schaam voor die post…nee… maar wel omdat ik besef dat ik het postte vanuit een soort slachtofferrol… Zoals Yves Vanopslagh gisteren zei … ‘Slachtofferrol is een comfortabele positie ‘ En inderdaad ik besef dat ik vanuit die rol een handig excuus had om mijn spirituele pad te verantwoorden… Zoals .., Ik ga een ceremonie volgen want ik heb trauma te verwerken, ik heb interesse in tantra want dat triggert mijn traumastuk… enzovoort… Heel mooie tools om die pijn te voelen en te schreeuwen en te tieren… los te laten…ideaal… Heel dankbaar hiervoor… en ik ga nog veel blijven loslaten want dat hoort er nu eenmaal bij… Maar ik besef dat ik mezelf achter dit drama verstopte… de arme ik gebruikte om niet verder te moeten graven naar wie ik was vóór al het drama… Dankje Veerle Phara om me uitdrukkelijk te zeggen… : loslaten kan je… maar wat wil je aantrekken? Het duurde even voor ik daarop kon antwoorden en uiteindelijk kwam het… VERGEVING… Vergeving om mezelf al die jaren te verloochenen, me in een keurslijf te wringen dat eigenlijk niet echt bij me past… maar dat me wel goedkeuring gaf van de maatschappij, mijn familie en vooral van mezelf… the good girl… Vergeving naar het kleine kind dat zo gekwetst werd, dat zich zo onveilig voelt, dat rust wil en gewoon wil ZIJN in plaats van verstopt te worden achter al het DOEN, het kleine kind dat liefde wil VOELEN in plaats van continu door te razen… echte liefdevolle aandacht voor dat kind vanuit de volwassen Nathalie nu… Mijn gekwetstheid omarmen om van daaruit te groeien, om te komen tot mijn echte ik… Wie ben ik voordat de wereld me veranderd heeft… maar ook… wie ben ik voor ik mezelf veranderde om goed gevonden te worden door de wereld? Het wordt tijd dat ik me niet langer laat ‘ontkrachten’ maar net door het trauma in mijn zachte vrouwelijke kracht kom… En eigenlijk het trauma dankbaar ben omdat dit me bracht tot dit inzicht, tot het volgen van dit pad… Ik geloof echt dat ik als ziel gekozen heb voor dit levenspad… niet om als een slachtoffer te leven maar wel om net zo tot de kern te komen van wie ik ben …