Individual Healing, Therapy & Coaching
"Life has knocked me down a few times, it showed me things I never wanted to see. I experienced sadness and failures. But one thing for sure, I always get up."

We are not on earth to realize time and again how wounded and traumatized we are. We are here to find our medicine, our gift, to come home to our mission, the mission of our heart and our soul. We are here to step out of the compelling, limiting and patriarchal treadmill society and to enjoy a colorful existence, in our body, connected to our primal creative power.
Are you ready to see your unique life as a fascinating and enriching journey?
Are you ready to listen to the beat of your heart, and listen to your body as a magic container full of life and energy?
Are you ready to take matters into your own hands and to engage in the wise play of life, which will make your eyes shine again?

Medicine can have two meanings.

Medicine can be that which gives us the necessary support to heal. Personal anchors that help us to come home to ourselves.
These tools can remain the same for a lifetime or they can change depending on the situation or stage of life we are in.

Medicine is also our unique gift.
Who we really are and what we have to bring to the world.
Our soul mission.
If we discover this, then we ourselves are the medicine
or we can be medicine for others.

healing is becoming aware of who we are

Healing is not that what we think with our mind, but becoming aware of who we really are, recognizing our mission here on earth.

Illness is a disturbance in our energy field and our cells, that prevents us from experiencing and knowing who we are at our core and what we are here for. An illness can be a wake-up call, inviting or challenging us to take other paths …

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We offer different healing and coaching methods from energetic healing, shamanic healing, bodywork and personal coaching to soul mentoring.

Veerle Phara

Medicine: Personal Coaching, Creative & Shamanic Coaching, Shamanic Healing, Awakening the Feminine, Womb Healing, Sweatlodges, Initiations

Veerle Phara is an Earth & Fire keeper, creative & shamanic coach, medicine woman & healer. She gives sweatlodges/temazcales, rituals, initiations and ceremonies over the world. 

She is a wise woman, initiated as Paq’a in the  tradition of the ancient Inca cultures, dedicated to support women in their healing process and healing & transforming of feminine energy on earth. 

Telegram, Signal & What’s App: +32 473879410
Email: veerlephara@templeoftheearth.org

Yves Vanopslagh

Medicine: Personal Coaching, Shamanic Coaching, Shamanic Healing, Awakening the Heart Warrior, Healing & Vision Quest

Through diverse trainings as holistic therapy, reiki, polarity massage, medium, Munay Ki, Ñusta Karpay, and a profound interest in shamanism, his heart and intuition started to open. It became clear that his capacity to feel and his strong intuition, are important guides in his life. He coaches men on their path of the Heart Warrior. His life mission is Male Grounding with an Open Heart.

The spirit of Huachuma has been calling him for many years. He received teachings and initiations by medicine men and women from the Andes and guides individual and group ceremonies. 

Contact: What’s app & Telegram: +32 478389718
Email: yves@templeoftheearth.org


Medicine: Personal Coaching, Creative Workshops, Akashik Records, Soul Mentoring

Mascha is an artist and medicine woman, who opens creative spaces for people to reconnect to their soul and intuition through yin yoga, intuitive painting, dance, voice and rituals. 
She is dedicated to the liberation of soul expression and offers a supportive space to travel deeper into the soul’s nature to reconnect with the higher self.
Mascha offers soul mentoring & transformational coaching combined with Akashic Record readings. Her coaching focuses on reconnecting souls back to their individual blueprint containing their divine gifts and abilities as well as releasing current and past life blockages to realign with the original soul path.

Remember who you really are…
and live. yourself. free.

Telegram: +49176 59990285
Email: thisis@youonearth.com
Website: YOUonearth.com // Instagram: @YOUonearth

Healing Events

We offer different events & retreats, ceremonies, rituals and initiations for healing. Find out more about our events at the Temple of the Earth in our calendar.