Yoni Initiation Ritual

Reflection of Amina after the Rite:

Thank you Phara sister for this precious moment.

My heart feels full with nourishment and love for my inner soil.
My full moon sleep was strong and not very much of it, but that was expected.
Feeling much gratitude for these sacred spaces in sisterhood where young and elders can share their wisdoms.
Very much needed in the world!
Urpillay Sonqollay
with love, Amina

Dear sisters, women of all ages,

Inviting you all to a new powerful Yoni initiation Ritual

Friday 19 November with Full Moon
from 4 to 8pm

guided by Veerle Phara, medicine woman 

Welcome to a new Initiation Ritual that came to me during my past journey in the Peruvian Andes.

This Yoni Initiation Ritual  is a new Rite of the Yoni where we implant ancient healing symbols in our yoni & remember the feminine power of Fertility. 

* a sharing on our yoni, on fertility & ancient feminine symbols we have forgotten
* a gentle herbal bath, an ancient (Amazone) ritual where we wash each other
* a powerful initiation to reconnect our yoni and womb with the fertile earth, with our roots and ancient memory hidden in ourselves.

This ritual opens up to a new liberating space for women, through our yoni, womb, and connected to the earth.

Sign up: veerlephara@templeoftheearth.org

Contribution: scale from 35,- till 45,-

Fertility certainly not (only) means being fertile to bring forth life, as a baby. We share on Fertility in a very large sense that we can’t even capture the importance of what it really means to women and to the earth. 

As a medicine woman, for so many years I’ve been walking a feminine healing & initiation path in the Andes, with local medicine families, women, the energy of the sacred temple sites and nature. I felt a large calling to return to the Peruvian Andes this year and am happy that I took the chance to travel and reconnect to the deep feminine energy that lives here. I not only walk a path as a medicine woman but I’m also very aware that I’m here on earth to support the healing of the collective feminine. Not always an easy path, but a conscious mission of my heart and soul.

After writing my book, Wise Playful Woman (for those who wish to read it, available in the Temple of the Earth Aljezur or sending me a mail) which has been a long life journey and is dedicated to the healing of the collective feminine, with 7 keys and lots of exercises and rituals to come home into your feminine being, it became very clear that my healing vision of the feminine, is re-connecting women to the energy of the earth. To remember who they are in relation to earth, nature and the elements. Our feminine power is rooted in nature and in all the elements.

On 8/8, my 54th birthday and a strong portal, I was in the Andes in a very powerful masculine temple complex. Through an ancient ritual, we could change a deeply rooted habit of women to ‘feed’ the ‘mouths’ of men in different ways, to empower men and to disempower ourselves, and to open up a powerful feminine flow from a completely new perspective. It was intense but so liberating!

The Andes carries a profound and subtle feminine energy. Especially the Aymara people (who still live in matriarchal structures), the islands energy (especially Amantani and Isla de la Luna) and the temple complexes on and around the Titicaca lake, have maintained their ancient rooted feminine energy and it seems that bit by bit there are so many new rituals and initiations unfolding which are an immense support for the New Earth. I got through that the main theme is Fertility. Again, not in the (only) sense of being fertile to bring forth life, as a baby, but Fertility in a larger sense of this magic word. During my stay on the feminine island, we received the shocking news of Afghanistan and the (possible) consequences for women rights. Although I know that on earth light and dark go hand in hand, it hurted my heart to hear this.

What can we do to heal the collective feminine? We have to start with ourselves, purifying, clarifying, understanding and healing all that lives within us of our lineages, to liberate ourselves and so be an example for other women.  We have to stop limiting ourselves, because if we limit ourselves, that is what we radiate and what will return to us. Let us give ourselves the space to liberate ourselves, surrender to liberation.

This ritual opens up to a new liberating space for women, through our yoni, womb, reconnected to the earth. 

Welcome women, sister, mothers, daughters, in the Temple of the Earth,
a magic place to reconnect with the ancient wisdom of rituals, ceremonies, initiations. 

Follow your Heart & Soul, they Know the Way

Veerle Phara