Welcome to our our wood-fired sauna

Enjoy a wood-fired Sauna Experience

Enjoy a wood-fired Sauna Experience the traditional way of a sauna in an oasis of tranquility.

We welcome you in the natural warmth of our wood-fired sauna. The high radiant heat of this stove feels pleasant.
The smell of wood and the crackling wood fire will make you extra relaxed. You can cool off in the outdoor pool. 

Combine a sauna session with an overnight stay in a yurtAsk for our prices and availability. 


Wellness not only allows you to relax, but the physical benefits also are not to be underestimated:

– Better blood circulation. A sauna session in combination with a good cooling down ensures better blood circulation.

– Healthy skin. Your skin also gets a boost every time you visit our sauna. The heat opens your pores, which helps to purify your skin.

– Increased resistance. Quickly suffer from colds or a flu-like feeling? Then a regular sauna visit is something for you. The alternation between cold and warm strengthens your immune system and protects your body against diseases.


Facilities : Sauna. Indoor and outdoor shower. Swimming pool. Relaxation area.

Mandatory use of bath towel in the sauna. (For rent or self-catering)

– Possibility to stay overnight in yurt (book in advance).

– Tea and spring water offered

– Up to 10 persons 


Open sauna on Wednesday or Friday 19.00 – 22.00 hrs. €10,-/p. 3 hours use of our facilities as sauna, indoor and outdoor shower, swimming pool, relaxation room.

Include towel: €5


3 hours use of our facilities as sauna, indoor and outdoor shower, swimming pool, relaxation room. Ask for our group prices!

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