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Welcome dear sister, welcome dear brother to the Temple of the (H)Earth

“We are not teaching you to run and hide. We are coaching you to stand up as a Woman and Man and follow your path to be, to be authentic, to speak your inner truth and to pursue your path… We need to heal ourselves from the past and follow our heart as rays of light…  Because we are light, strong lasers of light …” 

We offer/give Rituals & Initiations from the Andes & the Amazone

Ñusta Karpay – next initiations 27-28 November or 15-16 January Ñusta Karpay.Aljezur Portugal.docx
Hatun Karpay
Sun ceremony (Tayta Inti)
Moon ceremony (Mama Quila)
Rite of the Womb
Agua de Florida
Coca Ritual
Creation of Despacho & Fire Ceremony
Urpillay Sonqollay

Ñusta Karpay Initiations

INITIATION CEREMONY FOR WOMEN Ñusta Karpay Initiations Awakening the divine feminine The 7 initiations of Goddesses of the Andes The Ñusta Karpay is an intensive initiation course for the healing...

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Breath & Sweat your Heart open

CEREMONY FOR WOMEN Breath & Sweat your Heart open Breath & Sweat your Heart open Welcome for a breathwork session and a womens sweat lodge ( Temazcal) with lots of...

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Womb healing ritual: the 7 gates

INITIATION CEREMONY FOR WOMEN Womb healing ritual: the 7 gates Womb healing ritual: the 7 gates Dear Women,   This Womb healing ritual brings us into our pure feminine being....

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Rite of the Sacred Tree

INITIATION CEREMONY FOR WOMEN Rite of the Sacred Tree Rite of the Sacred Tree Dear Sisters, the last New Moon of an intense 2020, with an important eclipse of the...

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Rite of the Womb

Initiation Ceremony for Women Rite of the Womb Rite of the womb Dear Women, the 1st & 2nd of February we celebrate the return of the Light. During this pagan...

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