Aqua de Florida


Dear Women,

Welcome to the magic female ritual to prepare Agua the Florida.
This day is like a kind of rebirth for yourself, an invitation to heal yourself, purify yourself, bless yourself, honor yourself.

Agua de Florida is a blossoming & herbal water used for purification, healing, protection, blessing and blossoming. It also helps you to channel emotions, pain and sorrow.
This is an original and unique indigenous recipe from Latin America. In Latin America this healing water stands for happiness, blessing and for protection against all negative energy.
We make the Agua during a ritual, step by step, with herbs and blossoms of the season, other important ingredients, and your intentions and energy, making it a powerful and unique medicine.

coming events for this ceremony:
27 February 2021 with Full Moon


The preparation of Agua de Florida is traditionally only made by women and only passed on to women.
Throughout this ritual we honor and bless all the women who have gone before us. We honor the power we carry as women, in our womb and in our hearts. We honor our Guardianship of the earth, the plants, herbs, roots and blossoms….

We end the day with a blossoming. This is a wonderful ritual to celebrate the birth of your Agua de Florida, and to honor and bless each and every one of us.
You need to inscribe because this ritual requires a preparation.

This ritual is given by Veerle Phara

Veerle Phara is a medicine woman, guardian of the earth and the fire, sweat lodge woman, initiated as an Inca priestess and has been connected with Latin America for a lifetime.

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