Initiation Retreat for Women

6-10 november 2019


by Hermine Schoneveld ( and Veerle Phara

Initiation Retreat for Women in Aljezur, Portugal
Gates of Life 

an invitation to All Women of All Ages and All Cultures, to enter a Space of ‘Wholing’, true healing on all levels of your Being. Discovering your untapped inner resources to live your Greatest Potentials, as a Woman, as a Person, as a Human Being, as a Priestess as a …


Through the ages women have been initiated in the mysteries and secret initiations and codes were trespasses woman by woman.  It is time that we pass the initiations that we received from Latin America, Egypt, Greece, and from the gnostics.

We invite you to resource your body, heart and mind in the sunny Algarve, receive the gifts of the Portuguese earth, water, fire and the southern air and breeze.

During this 5 day retreat we surrender ourselves each day to an element. Each day we open a Gate, and enter the energy of Earth, Water, Fire and Air with movement, dance, stillness, walking, ocean, sauna, fire, creation, ritual, joy and pleasure….
Initiations empower the Gates and the essence of each element in yourself.

All this on a wonderful place in nature. The Temple of the Earth in Aljezur, Algarve, at the feet of a pure and genuine nature reserve.

Temple of the Earth ~ day 1
This day is to land, to ground, to connect with mother earth.
Enjoy the beauty and the abundancy of the land, and the extraordinary nature.
We deepen the contact with our own body by yoga, dance and special exercises tot create space in the body so that the initiations can reach deeper in to all the layers of your body.
Through the connection with mother earth you open for her wisdom, het love and her power.
When the night falls you receive the sacred codes of Sophia that are connected with the chakras. Through these codes the closed energy in your body opens up so you can re-member who you really are.

Temple of the Water ~ day 2
Being grounded in our bodies, we bring the energy from our pelvis in movement. We open ourselves for Shakti and Oshun, the female Goddesses that we bring into movement in ourselves, who take us to the flow and the stream of the sweet waters in ourselves. We drive tot the genuine westcoast, to experience a ritual with the waves of the ocean.
We receive a profound purification so that we can give conscious and unconscious values and norms hidden in our system, to the water. To be able to open ourselves for new energy. Soften our ego and open ourselves for our intuition.
By drumming, singing and dancing, we receive from Yemaya, the Goddess of the seas and the oceans, a powerful ritual and blessing. No te Aroha, I Love You, also the water spirit of the Maori is fully present with us and invites us to really enter in our hips and plevis and let our life boat flow with the sensual and sexual energy that lives within us.

Temple of the Fire ~ day 3
We start the day with a ritual to welcome the sun on ourselves and with a wooden heated sauna. With delicious herbs and water.
Today we Honour the Fire in ourselves. Grandmother Fire invites us to connect with her  and to feel How we Stand in Life.  We tune into the coming spring and with a constellation in nature, with paper and colour, we question ourselves if we really have the courage and the power to realize and to concretize what we wish and what we need to do that.
We burn the unnecessary in a lovely fire ritual and take the messages of today with us in a ceremony for the Sun. The sun in ourselves, Father Sun and the cosmic sun energy.

Temple of the Air, the Wind and our Heart ~ day 4
We open the day and ourselves with a dru yoga heartsession. After breakfast we walk to the top of the surrounding hills, to breath, to let go all that limits us to stand in our power, to surrender to the wind, the air, the endless surrounding. You create your own medicine wheel, in which you create your own prayers, vibrations, sounds and movement.  Dance with the air, with the wind, liberate yourself of all that no longer serves you. And invite stillness to feel the energy of the East, to stand in the centre of your wheel, in the midst of beautiful nature. Stand to listen to nature and use all your senses to receive any message, signs, symbols on your way to your Spring.
In the evening we invite you to a ritual dance towards the deeper layers in yourself, but also to the game, the joy, the heart connection between each other.

Closing ritual with all that you take into the world ~ day 5 in the morning
We close this retreat with a beautiful ritual to integrate all your experiences.  Embedded in the circle of your sisters of the past days, you receive the space to take a next step, in your own unique way. Through all initiations, rituals, all you experiences, you uplifted the energy in your body. Your ‘wholeness’ invites you to lift up your own pespective and that of others, to a whole different level of your existence. This energy you ancre deeply into your body and you take it along, into your life …

Practical information

Dates: 6-10 november 2019

Location: Temple of the Earth ~ Aljezur, Algarve, Portugal (google maps: Quinta da Nora Aljezur, Rua dos Bombeiros Voluntários de Aljezur, Portugal)

Time: we start 6 november at 10h and close the circle on 10 november at 14h, we ask you at latest to be there present on thuesday at 20h onwards. This night is included in the price.
You can also arrive a day earlier (monday) and leave one day later later (which includes an extra per night of 15,-). Do you wish to stay longer, contact Veerle Phara for possibilities and prices.

Contribution: € 745,- inclusive stay in comfortable Yurts, use of sauna on day 3, and all vegetarian meals with delicious ingredients of local markets and farmers.

exclusive plane ticket and local transport from the airport to Aljezur
Room with two persons in the house: extra €60,-/ Room alone: extra €100,- /Sheet &towels: €15,-

Transport: easy to rent a car at the airport of Faro. From Faro is it takes 1h15 drive by car by the A22 (motorway with taxes but easy and confortable) and after you take the N120 (national road, tax free) or 1h45 by the N125 (national road, tax free) direction Lagos and then N120 to Aljezur.
From Lissabon is takes 2h50 driving (motorway, with taxes).

Taxi is best to share, one way Faro airport to Aljezur could cost from 100 to 130 euro. You could also book a shuttle bus (best via internet at forehand).

Guidance: Veerle Phara & Hermine Schoneveld
Veerle Phara and Hermine join their wisdom and their rich live and work experiences to create a larger network and foundation to coach women on their true healing paths. Our own initiations and long vital processes to be genuine and authentic human beings, we tresspass with love, care, commitment and dedication to Empower women. As each woman innates her own space, roots herself and claims her right of existence, we enrichen the world, and make her shine with beauty, love and light.

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