Yin yoga with CiliaZON

I feel honoured giving healing Yin yoga sessions at the Temple of the (H)Earth.

Most of the time I connect my Yin class with the day-energy of the Tzolkin, maya calendar.

Yin yoga is great for going into a deeper connection with your physical body & emotions, lying deepdown in your fascies/tissues.

Total surrender to the postures for several minutes and giving your breath full allowens to free whatever is in you, can give great release of stress, tightness, stiffnes and blockages as well as mindtroubles.

After a yin class you may feel more relaxed, grounded and more at peace with yourself.

Just come experience it and see for yourself.

You’re so welcome.

Namasté CiliaZON

*a Session of 1,5 hour is €15,- incl tea.

* look at our event calendar for dates and rates