Dru Yoga

Friday 14 June from 6-8pm


A Dru Yoga Experience

to Release Blocked Energy in your Body, Activate your Vital Energy

and a wonderful Sequence of Moon Salutation


Dru Yoga is a flowing yoga style open and accessible for everyone, any age, with or without yoga experience


  • Flowing sequences of movement, breath and awareness
  • Using our Breath to Release tension in our body and to activate the prana
  • Soft Joints: we never ‘lock’ our joints in dru yoga, we soften them to be able to work with our muscles
  • Core stability
  • Vitality and Flexibility of our Vertebral Column: importance to keep our vertebral column healthy, flexible, full of vital energy and strong
  • Every movement is as a Sequence, being born out of Silence (Void), a beginning, a middle and an end, back to the Void
  • Energy Block Release: with special sequences to Release tension and blocked or stagnative energy in our Body
  • Consciousness of movements in connection with a broader cycle that we are part of


Place: Inlight Lagos, Tv. do Forno 4, 8600-586 Lagos

Facilitator: Veerle Phara : or

More info and booking:  or

Contribution: €15,-


VEERLE PHARA has been initiated into a multitude of indigenous lifeways and healing practices. She offers movement, yoga, healing and nature facilitation to help people embody who they really are and bring them back to their source.

She has been dedicated to yoga and movement for over 35 years, followed various teacher trainings and has given many years of yoga classes and teacher trainings herself. Throughout the years yoga became her medicine and her focus lies on Sense & Flow yoga,  a combination of hatha, dru and vinyasa yoga. She prefers an intuitive, contextual and creative way in guiding and coaching people, in giving classes to adults and in workshops on dance and movement.