Wise Women Retreat

Rite de Passage: from Adult to Wise Woman

by Veerle Phara & Karen Van Heuckelom, Heart Coaches

from 17 till 22 september 2019 in Aljezur, Portugal


Dear Woman on your Journey to Wisdom

Do you life truly, authentic and genuine Your Life?

The period in which we make our transition from an adult to a wise woman, is often accompanied by intense physical, emotional and mental processes. Hot flashes invite us to ride “the horse of the heat”, to surrender yourself to a healing process, often with your unsolved inner child issues (the wounded girl within yourself).

You are invited and challenged to pick up and explore those inner parts where still healing and acceptance is required.

This transition invites us to leave the old part behind and to embrace the new. It is a ‘stage of awakening’, a stage where we may reflect on what is past, to shake off and wash off that part in dignity and in gratitude, so that we can pass through a life-gate and become whole as a woman.

We invite you to undertake this rite of passage in a safe and powerful piece of unspoiled nature in the Temple of the Earth in Portugal.

What can you expect?

  • a safe bedding in which you can explore yourself, so that appropriate steps can be taken in your authentic process to a wise woman
  • coaching and full support during your transformation journey that prepares you for your next step in your life
  • a deep connection with a powerful and unspoiled nature as a mirror and a support for you
  • daily practical exercises and intense tools -adapted on this stage in your life- that brings more balance between the body and the mind: yoga, meditation, breathing and movement
  • rituals, ceremonies and initiations


For Who? 42y-? 

all women from 42years onwards who feel to the call to travel inwards, to heal inner child issues and stories, to be able to stand for their female power, wiser in life and especially live closer to their heart. From 42years onwards we slowly enter this phase of life.

You are as well welcome as wise woman, to explore and heal some deeper layers within yourself, to  embrace and integrate even more your inner wisdom.


Day by Day

Day 1

Opening ceremony and arrival through the Gate of the adult/mature woman.

Who are you as an adult/mature woman? In which sense are you mature? (process of growth from child-puber- young adult and adult woman)

Initiation of your journey of transformation

Grounding exercises

Discovering the 7 toxical emotions and the impact of them on your life


Day 2: Energy of the Snake

Give Yourself a Place in this world: processes that go back to your childhood and re-membering the (wounded) vulnerable girl in yourself.

Visualisation exercise & Voice Dialogue

Sweatlodge with the spirit of the water as an archetypical mother. Being Healed and Re-Born in the womb of Mother Earth.


Day 3: Energy of the Jaguar

The Great Departure

Look to your Shadows and Fears in yourself. Which (false) convictions of safety did you build up and which impact do they have on your daily life?

Change of your perception at the powerful Atlantic Ocean on the west coast.


Day 4: Energy of the Kolibri

Dis-cover  the Wise Woman in yourself

Power of the Fire: movement, courage and thrust

What lives in the Treasure Room of your soul, which potentions hide there

Rewrite of Redraw your life story


Day 5: Energy of the Eagle

Integration od who you Are

Accept who you were in the past and open for the new, Un-tap your not used potentions

Which steps are you going to take concretely?

Walk throught he Gate of the Wise Woman, authentic and truly Your-Self


Practical information

Data: 17 ~ 22 september 2019

Location: Temple of the Earth ~ Aljezur, Algarve, Portugal (google maps: Quinta da Nora Aljezur)

Time: we start 17 september at 16h and close the circle 22 of january at 14h, we ask you to be present on thuesday latest 15h
You can arrive a day early or leave a day later  (extra per night €15,-, with breakfast €20,-)

Contribution: € 755,- inclusive overnight in beautiful and confortable Yurts, use of sauna, and all vegetarian meals with delicious ingredients of the local farmers and markets

Early Bird: € 705,- payment before 31 june 2019

exclusive airplane tocket and local transport from and to Aljezur
Room per two for these 5 nights: extra p/p €75,-/ Single Room: extra €125,- /Sheet & towel packet: €15,-


Transport: easy to rent a car at the airport of Faro. From Faro is it takes 1h20 drive by car by the A22 (motorway with taxes but easy and confortable) and after you take the N120 (national road, tax free) or 1h45 by the N125 (national road, tax free) direction Lagos and then N120 to Aljezur.
From Lissabon is takes 2h50 driving (motorway, with taxes).

Taxi is best to share, one way Faro airport to Aljezur could cost from 100 to 120 euro. You could also book a shuttle bus (best via internet at forehand).

Tuition from the Heart: Veerle Phara & Karen Van Heuckelom, coaching of women from the Heart & Soul

Veerle Phara: Sister, do you walk your Path to being an authentic Woman, Living Human Being? To live with an Open Heart, Free to live your Passion, to Follow your Heart and Soul Mission?  I don t teach you to run and to hide behind your stories. I do supoort you to heal yourself of the past and of all your stories, to learn to speak your inner thruth an follow Your Path, whatever you need for that.  My own life story and certainly this life & transition passage, is one of falling and standing up, each time again make choices to come home in myself and in my mission on Earth:  reach out keys to women to liberate themselves of masks and stories that we hide behind. Bring them Home in their own authentic body and heart. I embrace this period as an enrichment on all levels !

Karen: the expression ‘I am in the transition’ means from the vision of the Medicine Wheel, that you walk direction of the ‘West’. It is a phase where we as women, may take the time and space to stand still and reflect our desires and all that hinders to realize our desires.
My true desire is … to be able to guide you in your healing process, in the ‘breaking’ of (limited) forms, in re-discovering your little girl, in feeling free and wishing you to Be who you really Are!

Info: info@templeoftheearth.org or karen@karenvanheuckelom.com
Inscription: info@templeoftheearth.org (Veerle Phara)

Karen Van Heuckelom: www.karenvanheuckelom.be
Veerle Phara: www.templeoftheearth.org or www.kachina-creative2energy.com