Wise Women Retreat

Rite de Passage: from Adult to Wise Woman

from 10 – 15 february 2020

by Veerle Phara & Karen Van Heuckelom, Heart Coaches

in Aljezur, Portugal



Dear Woman,

The period in which we are in transition as a woman is often accompanied by physical, emotional and mental processes. It is a period that we “want to get rid of quickly” because we experience discomfort and imbalance to a greater or lesser extent: hot flashes, weight gain, heavy bleeding, higher levels of irritability and impatience, insomnia, doubts, uncertainty and much more.

These changes are more comprehensive than just ‘raging hormones’. Research on women’s menopause shows that the entire body, and especially the nervous system, is being reorganized. Our brains are changing. This has a great influence on our thinking, our ability to concentrate, our energy balance, our view on health and relationships (e.g. also the focus on the care, needs and feelings of others changes).

Veerle (52) and Karen (58) see this transition period as an exciting phase of development. As a moment to take time out and think about yourself with the focus on your needs and desires. As a promise to yourself to heal your body and mind and experience it as a source of strength and wisdom.

What would it be like to shape your life on your terms? To detach yourself from your ‘parental home’ and grow into your ‘full authenticity’?

We invite you to take part in a 5-day women’s retreat in the unspoiled nature of Portugal. Together with other women in the transition we reflect on what is still holding us (unresolved children’s pieces, limiting beliefs, fears) and what we want to connect with in order to shape our second phase of life in love with ourselves and our environment.

What can you expect from this 5-day event?

Every day you will receive practical exercises and powerful tools that bring more balance between body and mind, adapted to this phase of your life: yoga, meditation, breathing, dance and movement.
We give you a wide variety of individual and group exercises, moments of silence and partial moments, forms of work that stimulate your healing process and creativity.
You will stay in a pristine, powerful nature and we will use this nature and the ocean as a mirror and metaphor to support your process.
we create a safe bed in which you can be yourself and you can fully explore what your necessary steps are in your authentic process
we coach you during your reflection and transformation moments
Who is this 5-day women’s retreat for?

For all women from the age of 42 who feel called to reflect and question themselves about important life events. To come to unprocessed children’s pieces and to heal them (under our professional guidance). So that they can come closer to themselves and their hearts and thus be more powerful and wiser in life.

You are of course also welcome if you, as a wise woman, want to explore and heal deeper layers of yourself, in order to be able to embrace your wisdom even more.

Day by day

Day 1: Landing and Grounding

Opening of the five-day retreat, sharing circle, expressing all the intentions for this retreat.
Grounding exercises: specific yoga and exercises to ground in your body and become aware of your body.
Sharing-circle: exploring yourself and each other:
Who are you as a woman? How do you feel about life as an adult woman? How do you give expression to being an adult?
What is your family situation at the moment? Who do you (still) care for? How do you deal with that?
What do you do in your life (profession/hobbies)?
What is the balance between giving and receiving in your current life?
What do you feed? What does the term ‘Nutrition’ mean to you?
What makes you happy? What makes you sad?
What physical complaints do you experience?

Day 2: Watching and listening to yourself truthfully

Before breakfast: dru yoga sequence. Dru Yoga is a soft dynamic form of yoga that is accessible to everyone and has specific series for women in transition.
Which emotional and mental complaints play a role in your life?
What room is there for doubts, fears, blackouts, forgetting, insecurity, disorientation, anger, anger, sadness, depression, frustration, cramping, (over)tension, restlessness, insomnia, hot flashes, panic, vulnerability… in your current life? What impact do these complaints have in your life?
We pay attention to processes that in your life go back to your childhood and learn how we can (h)recognize the (injured) vulnerable girl in yourself.
Who are you in relation to your mother? What was/is your relationship with your mother? What impact does your mother (still) have, consciously or unconsciously, in your current life, regardless of whether your mother is still alive or not?
Visualization exercises.
Voice Dialogue: learning to listen to all the voices and role/role patterns within yourself. Voting when I have to, I have to take care of…, I have to be a good mother, be a good friend, be a good partner, be perfect…, it’s all my fault, I’m responsible for, be smart, work hard, be useful, don’t give up, if… then…, I’m the victim of…, my mother this, my father that, it’s never enough, I am too fat,….

Day 3: Giving yourself a place: Healing the Mother Wound

Before breakfast: Guided meditation and hatha yoga for the transition
What (false) beliefs of safety have you built up and what impact do they have on your daily life?
How do you stand on being vulnerable? When is it safe to be vulnerable?
What do you need? What else do you want to prove? For whom and why? What is still alive under your skin that wants to be seen, embraced and/or recognised?
Sweat lodge: healing and rebirth in the womb of mother earth.
A sweat lodge is a safe space where it is warm, where you are carried by the earth, the water, the fire and your breath. Accessible and safe for everyone. This sweat lodge is about healing the mother’s wound. To dwell on and within yourself. To be able to give everything that lives in you a place and to be able to honour, forgive, release, heal. To be able and allowed to be, to reclaim your inner right to exist.

Day 4: Discover the Wise Woman in Your-Self

Before breakfast: yoga for pelvis, hips, opening of blocked energy in abdomen, intestines, lower back, kidneys.
To the west coast of the Atlantic: walking, meditation and ritual by the ocean.
Opening up your creative power, learning to discover the potential that lies within you.
What do you (still) want to put into the world?
If everything is possible, what does your life look like?
Which relationships nourish and which eat energy?
What do you mean by ‘being free’? How can you really live in freedom?
Rewrite or redraw your life story

Day 5: Integration

Integration of insights about yourself and your next phase of life.
What concrete steps are you going to take? What ingredients do you have now and what are you going to do with them in concrete terms?
Creating anchors for yourself and expressing promises to take with you in your daily life.


Saturday: breakfast, cleaning up and hugs for goodbye


Practical information


Location: Temple of the Earth ~ Aljezur, Algarve, Portugal (google maps: Quinta da Nora Aljezur)

Time: we start 10 februari at 15h, we ask you to be present on monday latest 13h
You can arrive a day early or leave a day later  (extra per night with breakfast €20,-)

Contribution: € 755,- inclusive overnight in beautiful and confortable Yurts, use of sauna, and all vegetarian meals with delicious ingredients of the local farmers and markets

Early Bird: € 705,- payment before 31 december 2019

exclusive airplane tocket and local transport from and to Aljezur
Room per two for these 5 nights: extra p/p €75,-/ Single Room: extra €125,- /Sheet & towel packet: €15,-


Transport: easy to rent a car at the airport of Faro. From Faro is it takes 1h20 drive by car by the A22 (motorway with taxes but easy and confortable) and after you take the N120 (national road, tax free) or 1h45 by the N125 (national road, tax free) direction Lagos and then N120 to Aljezur.
From Lissabon is takes 2h50 driving (motorway, with taxes).

Taxi is best to share, one way Faro airport to Aljezur could cost from 100 to 120 euro. You could also book a shuttle bus (best via internet at forehand).

Tuition from the Heart: Veerle Phara & Karen Van Heuckelom, coaching of women from the Heart & Soul

Veerle Phara: Sister, do you walk your Path to being an authentic Woman, Living Human Being? To live with an Open Heart, Free to live your Passion, to Follow your Heart and Soul Mission?  I don t teach you to run and to hide behind your stories. I do supoort you to heal yourself of the past and of all your stories, to learn to speak your inner thruth an follow Your Path, whatever you need for that.  My own life story and certainly this life & transition passage, is one of falling and standing up, each time again make choices to come home in myself and in my mission on Earth:  reach out keys to women to liberate themselves of masks and stories that we hide behind. Bring them Home in their own authentic body and heart. I embrace this period as an enrichment on all levels !

Karen: the expression ‘I am in the transition’ means from the vision of the Medicine Wheel, that you walk direction of the ‘West’. It is a phase where we as women, may take the time and space to stand still and reflect our desires and all that hinders to realize our desires.
My true desire is … to be able to guide you in your healing process, in the ‘breaking’ of (limited) forms, in re-discovering your little girl, in feeling free and wishing you to Be who you really Are!

Info: info@templeoftheearth.org or karen@karenvanheuckelom.com
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Veerle Phara: www.templeoftheearth.org or www.kachina-creative2energy.com

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