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Shamanic Community in Aljezur, Portugal

Welcome dear sister, welcome dear brother to the Shamanic Algarve

Through the concept of Shamanic Algarve, we wish to offer the world a deep embedded connection with rituals, ceremonies and initiations. To sow seeds that contribute to the New Earth.

The essence of shamanism is the profound belief that the world is animated and that we live in a web in which everything is connected. We also call it Sacred Movement. Considering life as a dynamic active play between the sensory experiences of the human body, our emotions, feelings, mental state, mind, our heart and soul, the cardinal directions, the earth and everything that lives or crawls on the earth, the two-legged, the four-legged, the winged, the water and everyone who lives in and on the water, the plants-herbs-trees-flowers (flora), the stones-rocks-mountains-gemstones-minerals, the fire, the air and the wind. Life and death, in connection with all our loved ones and relatives, our ancestors, all visible and invisible forces in all worlds.

Therein lies the magic through which we can move and with which we can connect. Sometimes expanding, sometimes contracting.

Energy moves in cycles, circles, spirals, vortices, swirls, pulsations, waves and rhythms. The whole world is an energy field dancing between dark and light, night and day, chaos and order, earth and cosmos, feminine and masculine …


Underlying every form is energy. When that energy blocks, the form also blocks. The Eastern vision on disease, healing and health is based on this:

The human being as an energetic system, in which physical, emotional and mental layers are interrelated. The cause of illness lies in a disturbed energy within the body, a blockage in the numerous meridians that a body contains. These energy channels form an ingenious network with the function of allowing the life energy (Qi, Chi, Prana) to flow through your body as smoothly as possible. If a meridian blocks, it creates an imbalance in the body or in certain parts of the body.

Our body is a visible physical form, our vehicle on Earth. It contains organs, muscles, bones, nerves, veins, connective tissue, skin, … Blood and water flow through our body. The core of our body consists of cells that have a memory and the neural networks that are stored in our brain. The deeper core of our body is energy, anchored in our soul and heart, not the heart as a physical organ but our energetic heart. Our body arises from the magical connection of egg and sperm, but the real life within us flows from our soul. Our soul carries our mission: our essence, who we are and what we are here for in this world.

Our body is covered with energetic layers of light or consciousness, also called aura.

The indigenous animist* view of disease, healing and health goes one step further than the Eastern one. Being sick is part of a bigger picture, just as the individual is part of a group, family or community. It is misplaced energy or a mind (spirit) that is in the wrong place. Sickness is a creation of something or someone, a person, spirit or force, and the disease is fought from this perspective. The harmony of an individual is disturbed in relation to the group. A conflict arises, the disease emerges and affects an individual or the entire group.

*Animism is a holistic view on man and nature and assumes that everything is alive, that everything has a consciousness, that everything consists of energy that we can communicate with. Everything is intertwined. People are body and mind, spirit, energy. Not only do we live in this material world, we are equally connected to the energetic world. Our soul makes the connection between the visible and the invisible world. Many cultures even believe that we have multiple souls. Every event, favourable or unfavourable, has a supernatural cause originating in the non-material world.

Animism is not a religion, but it is the basis of shamanism and all nature religions worldwide. We find it all over the world where people live in a humble and respectful connection with nature and the universe for their food supply and healing work.

Shamans and shamancas are medicine men and women who, in trance, can travel between these and other worlds, and know how to connect with forces of nature, gods, ancestors, spirits. As wisdom keepers they understand the universe and the cycles of life and nature. As guardians of their community, they are responsible for individual and collective healing processes, rituals, ceremonies, protection against negative energies, for the fertility of nature and humans. They keep the balance between man and woman, humans and animals, these and other worlds.

Shamans and shamancas honour and respect nature and live in humbleness towards the visible and – even more – the invisible world that surrounds them. They are very grounded into earth, very down to earth (not spacey or abstract) and have a beautiful message that contributes to a better, more healthy and balanced society.

Part of their message is that we have to empty ourselves from cultural conditioning and ego-habits that are addictive and restricting, and open and change our ways of perceiving, feeling, observing and acting.

We feel joy to be part of the Sacred Movement. Giving our support to healing our world, awakening our consciousness and then integrating and grounding in our bodies so that we can act from within.

We offer a wide range of rituals, ceremonies, initiations and shamanic healing and are happy to welcome you in one of our activities.

As we say in Celtic: Awen, with the force of the flowing spirit

Veerle Phara & Yves

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