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Woman Medicine Retreat

Shamanic Medicine Retreat 

Shamanic Medicine Retreat (advanced) 

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Shamanic Medicine Retreat


Shamanic Retreat

More info: Shamanic Medicine retreat March 2024

Woman Medicine retreat

Woman Medicine retreat

*Open the gates to & Dive deep into your authentic Feminine Power
*Heal yourself on a physical, emotional, mental and energetical level
*Increase your self-esteem, feel safe within yourself and expressing yourself
*Tap into the mystery of your feminine wisdom, through ancient rites of the womb & yoni
*Many coaching & healing techniques – working with creative expression & materials
*Be aware of your senses, fully immersing yoursef, through feeling, dancing, moving, playing, hearing, seeing, creating, using our intuition
*Learn to create effortlessly through your feminine passion and primal force
*Learn how to coach other women and connect with your inner wisdom. Coming home to yourself, to live authentic and stand up for who you are and what your true mission is on earth.

flyer: Medicine Woman healing Journey

Shamanic Path

Our Shamanic Path is a deepgoing journey to your Heart & Soul, in close connection with the medicine man/woman that lives within you, with your inner wisdom. Genuinely starting to live and stand up for who you are and what your true mission is on earth.

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