Womb healing

Womb healing is a deep healing ritual to purify and release old blockages in our wombs and yoni. To re-appropiate your womb and release the wounds and traumas from your ancestors. To remember that your Womb is a Temple of love, joy, magic, abundance, fertility, … The womb is the eternal mystery of the primordial dazzling darkness that births light into being. It is the gateway to a magical realm of wisdom. It is the chalice that holds the secrets of life. We don’t need to search outside of ourselves to receive the answers we need in our lives; we need only to make a pilgrimage inside our own bodies. Our bodies are temples; Source lives inside of us. Every cell is a stargate, a portal and the womb is the mother of this complex, magnificent system we call the human body. Uit: Womb awakening, initiatory wisdom from the creatrix of all life (Azra Bertrand & Seren Bertrand)

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Veerle Phara