Vision Quest – a journey into your heart

Welcome, dear woman, dear man, wonderful human being…

Do you feel the desire to create time and space for yourself, apart from home, from the known, from all the fuss, all the daily hustle and bustle?

Do you need silence in your life, to be one with nature, to sink away from the everyday into a space of not knowing?

Surrounded by a safe and loving circle, to open your senses to what wishes to flow towards you and what truly belongs to you?

A Vision Quest is a powerful (transitional) ritual to connect with nature, with your intention, with your true soul, your source, your desire. With your intention you will be with yourself and in nature during four days and nights.

Literally a search for a vision, a Vision Quest is meant to release old patterns and gain new inspiration. A vision quest is a rite of passage. You consciously close a period of your life to make space for a new beginning, for new seeds of light.

By fasting (with enough water), being quietly at your place, praying for insights and your vision, the healing and regenerating capacity of your body and senses will be reactivated.

Nature and everything that surrounds you works as a mirror that can bring you back to yourself and can also show your shadow sides and fears. The experience is different and unique for everyone. It is one of the most powerful rituals you can do with and for yourself… its impact is powerful and will continue to work for through coming years. The magic of a Vision Quest creates exactly what you need for your future path of life.

The most magical thing is that you are one with yourself. You learn to trust everything you carry with you and have in you. You are in connection with nature and the energetic world. A Vision Quest brings out the deepest in yourself. It invites you to write YOUR life story, not that of your parents or ancestors, but to open yourself to what is truly yours, on your path of your heart and your soul.

Do you cherish the desire to (what can a Vision Quest bring you?)

» to detach yourself from your everyday life, from matter, family, friends?
» to reflect yourself and your life, everything you have lived and experienced so far?
» to close a period in your life and open yourself for a new phase?
» to get to know yourself on a different & deeper level?
» To re-invent yourself who you are and what your mission is on earth?
» to give a new direction or new energy to your life?
» to be more powerful, stronger and closer to yourself?
» to feel and experience the connection with nature?
» to connect with that which is greater than yourself?
» And to trust, that you are never alone, even though you are all-one in nature for 4 days and nights » with your wish, your intention, to sit in nature, to go into the emptiness, to receive from there answers that can support you on your true path of heart and soul?

Vision Quest

day 1: outward journey and arrival. Flight, arriving in the Temple of the Earth, Aljezur. Stay in the base camp is in our beautiful domain Temple of the Earth. You sleep in warm cozy yurts.

days 2 and 3: preparation days in the Temple of the Earth. We hold preparatory exercises, rituals. We go to the West Coast for an afternoon to get some fresh air, for a ritual bath and to express our intention. We will explore our place before we leave for Vision Quest.

days 4 to 7: four days and nights alone in nature. You go through the medicine wheel before you leave Vision Quest, then you literally walk out the gate in the nature reserve, to your quest place.

day 8: after the fourth night in the morning you come back. We will take you into a sweat lodge and guide you to deeply anchor your insights. We share experiences.

day 9: we share experiences and mirror each other. A new beginning, new life, new seeds.

day 10: departure and return home journey

After the Vision Quest

We will hold an integration day. It is always possible to have a skype or coaching conversation afterwards about your integration.

more info and registration:

Guiding/Tuition by Yves Vanopslagh, Veerle Phara

Yves For more than twenty years I have been following the path of nature experience and shamanism. The sweatlodge is my great teacher, where I bring people closer to their hearts. In recent years I have studied the Path of the Heart Warrior. Through men’s groups and coaching I bring men closer to themselves and each other, and through the elements I show men the way to the heart, let them rediscover their authenticity. Together with them we “take off the masks” so that they can be true men. I also coach men to embrace their inner warrior.

Veerle Phara My name comes from the Germanic PharaHilda and literally means a travelling warrior. I feel a warrior heading for healing, light and harmony on earth.

I see life as a medicine wheel, in which we are always challenged to hold our prayers. A prayer for healing, for light, for heart energy, for balance and harmony. The shamanic path is deeply rooted in me from an early age. For years I have been teaching animism and shamanism worldwide in our fire keeper training, shamanism & sweat lodge training, to guides and college students.

As a Keeper of earth, water, fire and wind, I guide alone and together with Yves, sweatlodges & temazcales, rituals, ceremonies, initiations, retreats and trainings.

Your Coach

Yves & Veerle Phara