Rapé in combination with Kambo

Rapé and ‘powder of the ancients in combination with a Kambo session

Rapé (pronounced ‘Ha-pee’) is a finely sieved powder made with great respect, devotion, love and belief. Rapé’s small grain structure facilitates absorption into the body, allowing effects to be felt more quickly – distribution is very efficient.

The history of Rapé and the production of the powder Rapé is an essential part of Tribe culture. In some Tribes it is the women who collect the ingredients and make the powder, in other Tribes healers compose the Rapé. Each Tribe has its own secret recipe of sacred plants, trees and seeds that are combined with ashes. Originally Rapé was made in small quantities of powder with specific intended effects for a ceremony. It was specially prepared for the healing process of one person.

The effects of Rapé The effects of Rapé’s are very powerful, healing and cleansing on every level. The purpose of using Rapé is to deeply connect with the spirits of nature and to call upon these forces for physical and spiritual healing. Rapé offers support in opening the chakras. It provides a sense of grounding and connection to the earth. Rapé can have healing effects on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. It can help with: – Opening the third eye – Descaling the pineal gland – Releasing negative thought patterns and tensions – Bringing calmness and mental clarity – Opening the heart – Connection to our spirit When used with intention and prayer from the heart, Rapé powder can be a powerful tool for realising our dreams. Rapé has therefore traditionally been a very popular and complementary medicine during sacred plant healings.

We use Rapé in combination with a kambo session.

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