Kambo sessions

The Kambo frog, a medicinal miracle

Kambo is a fire medicine produced by the sacred tree frog of the Amazon, the Phyllomedusa Bicolor. Also known as the Kambo frog, it is the largest species of the tree frog family. They are found in almost all Amazonian countries including Guyana, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. Among the entheogens, the Kambo frog is also called “The Green Light”, which acts as a powerful cleansing ritual. The frog connects us to our natural wisdom, reflects our negative habits, shows us what to avoid and what we can do to improve our condition. During the healing with Kambo and possibly Rapé, you will receive insights that can be both simple and effective!

Get in touch with your essence during a Kambo healing A Kambo healing, possibly in combination with Rapé, focuses on going inside to get in touch with your essence. Kambo is a unique and quick release of all cellular resistance, or laziness. After application, the resistance rises like an inner fire – a throbbing pressure can be felt. This can be compared to an intense fever attack. This cleansing process works not only on a physical level, but also on a spiritual one. In combination with the water that is drunk beforehand, an alchemical transformation takes place through which old toxins leave the body. The immune system is immediately given the reset it needs to restart its vitality, focus and sharpness. A deep cleansing takes place immediately through vomiting and/or urgent defecation.

A kambo session works differently from medicinal plants as Ayahuasca, Huachuma, San Pedro. It is not a visual entheogen, although sometimes there can be a spiritual experience. This also depends on how open you are to it. In most cases there are no visions or hallucinations during a Kambo healing. If desired, rapé can be taken before or after the Kambo.

Let yourself be healed by this special medicine. Both on the physical level, illness, inflammation, other physical complaints, and on the energetic level of tiredness, emptiness, stagnation, I can assist you in this process. I like to make time to give you this medicine and to give you a safe bed. I work on the meridians and energetically sense where the medicine is best administered.

Also in combination with Rapé and Sananga – see healing with Rapé/Sananga.

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