Inner Child Healing

Healing of the inner child – keys to heal your inner child, so you can walk your own path more easily and freely. Healing your inner child is crucial to walk your authentic, true path of heart & soul. Inner child work helps us to heal the core roots of our wounds – instead of putting a Band Aid over the pain and wishing it gets better.

Following the concept of Cheiron: Our deepest wounds are also our greatest gift! We were born in exactly the right family and raised in exactly the right surroundings for us to receive a great teaching in life. When we discover the core of our wounded inner child, then we can also see the gift that life brings us and learn our core mission on earth.

Through visual coaching and healing, constellations & other techniques, connecting with our inner child, we discover the steps towards healing and transformation.

Coaching = 2,5 to 3h WE ALSO OFFER INNER CHILD TRAYECTS Individual trayect can be 1, 2 or 3 days

Day 1: healing constellations of the mother/feminine and father+masculine ancestral lineages
Day 2: quest (24h) in nature
Day 3: integration

Healing of the inner child No matter how loving (or not) your childhood and/or youth was, every adult has a wounded inner child. You were raised by people who themselves had a wounded inner child.

Your parents or teachers have repeated what they experienced in their own childhood. They were not perfect, they made mistakes, as every human being does, sometimes consciously or unconsciously.

So you grew up as a child with: disappointments, sadness, frustration, anger, pain, rejection.

You had to deal with feelings like insecurity, anger, fear, stress. You have experienced traumatic experiences. Your parents or teachers may not have been able to meet all your needs (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual).

This all has an impact on your behavior and therefore on your life now. Know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you when you feel or recognize these signals, again: we are all injured in a way. Remember that if you find your deepest wounds, you embrace, heal and transform them, tehn you can also discover your greatest gifts!

What I offer you in these three days are keys to heal your inner child, this through shamanic exercises, nature and possibly a sweat lodge, so that you can walk your own path more easily and freely.

Some signals from the wounded inner child:

>You have a need for external approval and appreciation
>You have trouble trusting people
>You live from the conviction that something is wrong with you
>You constantly reject yourself
>You project things that happens outside yourself onto yourself (what people say, how they react, their emotions, things that happen)
>You can’t express yourself emotionally well
>You often live in the past and have difficulty letting go
>You flee from pain and painful emotions and/or lack life energy
>You have unconsciously distanced yourself from feeling, so you live in your head
>You find it more important that others are happy than that you are happy yourself
>You have difficulty finding your own identity
>You have many unhealthy (love) relationships
>You adapt yourself to the environment in which you are (you have different identities)
>You have difficulty defining your boundaries, or you have no boundaries at all
>You need a lot of approval from your parents, friends, partner and/or surrounding.
>You shape your life according to how they like you
>You find it hard to get angry and feel shame at extreme emotions
>You often make decisions to please someone else

The Healing Quest is guided by Veerle Phara (only women) You can find more info on Veerle Phara on this website

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Veerle Phara