Ñusta Karpay 7 initiations

Every Tuesday (12, 19 & 26 Oct, 9 Nov) 10am-2h30pm 7 initiations to Awaken the Divine Feminine inside you The Ñusta Karpay are intensive initiation rituals for healing and integration of all feminine aspects inside you.  The Ñusta are the goddesses/princesses of the Andes. Karpay means initiation.  The Ñusta are related to the sacred lakes […]

Despacho ritual for feminine healing

Friday 19 November with Full Moon 4-8 pm.  A despacho is a healing gift for the fire and the earth, an ancient feminine Inca ritual that opens hearts, reconnects your energy with all the elements and empowers your intentions. info & sign up: veerlephara@templeoftheearth.org