Ceremonial Winter Solstice weekend (Aljezur, Portugal)

Dear tribe, Welcome in our next ceremonial weekend, with Winter Solstice. An important moment in the turning of the wheel, anouncing the longest nights and shortest days of the year. info & register: info@templeoftheearth.org Guided by Veerle Phara  & Yves

Medicine Woman Path retreat (Portugal)

Dear Women, Sisters, Welcome on this Healing Path for yourself & to Learn to Coach other women. flyer: Medicine Woman healing Journey Remembering, Liberating & Empowering your feminine energy Tapping into the resources of the elemental powers, nature and the energetic worlds. Receiving tools to rebalance yourself, to release the limiting convictions and stories that are […]

Shamanic Medicine Journey – El Camino Azul (Portugal)

Dear Sisters & Brothers, Very welcome to our spring Shamanic Medicine Journey El Camino Azul - a new Road to individual & collective healing All information in this flyer Shamanic Medicine Journey - El Camino Azul More info & register: info@templeoftheearth.org          

Ancient Portals & Andes Wisdom 2024

Ceremonial & Initation journey to the Andes 10 April to 22 April (without Titicaca) or 29 April (with Titicaca) 2024  flyer Ancient Portals & Andes Wisdom.april 2024 more info, details or questions: veerlephara@templeoftheearth.org This healing journey through the Andes will take you to a deeper layer of powerful pre-Inca and Inca cultures, and give you […]