Circles of Silence

“If you remain silent,
wisdom will follow behind you and comes searching for you.”

Ramana Maharshi ​

We’re always busy. Working, running around, doing the shopping, cooking, cleaning,… Until, all of a sudden, silence strikes… And everything becomes different.

“The loudest roar… is peace within.” – The ROAR of Freedom, Tom G. Willems

Ease the mind, give your mind a break… No theories. No techniques. Plain, pure and simple. Welcome to join one of the Circles of Silence at Temple of the Earth.

“All it takes in a million years is one second of silence to be forever free.” – H.W.L. Poonja /Papaji

Join our Circles of Silence - every 3 weeks in the Temple of the Earth
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Discover your untapped inner resources in our upcoming events as a key for healing, to be able to flower our greatest potentials and live as passionate and whole human beings. We welcome you to the Temple of the (H)Earth.