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ad taypikala


PAD VAN DE ÑUSTA APRIL 2019 zie flyer:  peru reis.Pad van de Nusta.2019

Taypikala means: the stone, key or what you need to open the gate … to …?

An appropriate name for this journey in which we go to a deeper level of particularly powerful pre-Inca and Inca cultures, but also of yourself, and awaken your heart energy.

The emphasis is on feeling, experiencing, experiencing, through rituals, ceremonies, meditations, initiations, walks, connection with nature, with local families and the energy of the sites. We let everything transform into our life, let us transform, and charging with the power, the light, the love of the Earth and the Universe, and the omnipresent female energy in the Andes.

Ñustas were women who were chosen in the Inca empire to take special places as princess, priestess, queen. They were trained and consecrated on the Island of the Moon, Isla de la Luna, the female island located in the Bolivian part of Lake Titicaca, next to Isla del Sol, where the priests and kings were initiated. We visit both islands and stay overnight on the Island of the Moon.

Today the Ñustas stand for bearers of light, wise women who make a bridge between the world of form and the energetic world and above all know how to live from their hearts with their inner energy in balance. And that is what the Andean is about, the unity between duality. And that unity is in your Heart. In this journey we want to balance your feminine and masculine energy, and open the path of the Heart . We immerse ourselves in the magic of the landscape and the ancient wisdom, symbols and places of power and feed on seeds of light that bring us closer to ourselves.

You can dream of an intense and transforming journey on your Path of the Heart. The first part around and on Lake Titicaca (pre-Inca and Inca) and the second part in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.


flyer  peru reis.Pad of the Nusta.2018  (journey we have just made) A ceremonial journey with initiations and rites – to live more from your Heart Peru (Titicaca Lake and Sacred Valley) and Bolivia (Isla del Sol and Isla de la Luna) 

PAD OF THE ÑUSTA: a ceremonial initiation trip: April 2019

Come and enjoy beautiful images on a virtual journey, a bag / cup of coca tea, and a connection ritual xxx

a journey to embrace yourself and nature, with space for your own process, for silence, feeling, experiencing, enjoying, rituals and ceremony

a sustainable and ceremonial journey – a sostainable and ceremonial journey

some reactions from participants in the trip:

Dear Veerle, how grateful I am to you for the journey of the Nustas …… this surpasses everything … ..and the journey continues to work now that I am back in the Netherlands. And oh with so much love, dedication and attention you give your whole heart in this journey. I admire you and the priestess you are to me. Forever in my heart. Love Diana

Dear Veerle, your journey not only brought me closer to and in Peru, it brought me much closer to myself and myself. For which so many thanks xxx

Dear Veerle … or rather … Dear Inca. Yes, it’s in your blood. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with so much enthusiasm and passion. Hug

Dearest Veerle, traveling with you made the trip in Peru and Bolivia a journey in myself! A double focus, a new dimension!

As an accomplished translator-interpreter of the Andean and Titicaca energies, you guided us through our own inner energies, always in connection with the energies of the various places we visited. Wonderful! 

And then the journey inside! I really enjoy the symbolism that you use – the ancient Inca wisdoms – and much more of the way you bring it: it goes as sweet cake! And in this combination … I have my own inner dragon (a European one) – that Greek beast with 7 heads that keep on growing, no matter how many times you cut them off – are quite capable of defeating. That beast is now swimming around like a new monster from Loch Ness, at the bottom of Lake Titicaca. Yes, that I do not have to worry about that anymore, that gives us extra time, space and energy!

Veerle, you have contributed a bit – and my living space is filled with ritual stones from Peru – to a deep inner peace and thus to a deeply entrenched joy of life! My buddha smile does not disappear from my face anymore!
down? Just go – in deep concentration – in connection with the Andes! I feel almost dashed on my body, as with an i-phone that is charging in its charger.
Yes, here I can go smoothly – with a sweat lodge or other ritual in between you – until you throw the trip to Mexico on your website! I am probably the first person to be registered. Because I am very curious to see what that can lead – just as I could not imagine the Peru trip, but just felt that a while in your slipstream would be something special and would lead to something special! Great feeling too, to do something that I could not imagine, like you as a child can not imagine what Sinterklaas will bring! 
Muchas gracias for sharing your wisdom, and the surrender and lightness with which you do that! Thank you for your involvement, your spontaneity, your fun and playfulness! Deep respect for your preparations and your various leadership styles during the journey – all equally fun! Hasta siempre, Veerle!
with kind regards


Dear Veerle, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip you have organized in Peru and Bolivia. A journey to remember, a journey that will be part of the rest of my life. Many thanks and big hug

Dear Phara, thank you for this magical unforgettable journey. I have enjoyed it with all my heart and soul. You are amazing xxx



The heart
the key
the gate
the soul

knows how to

in the Andes

Magical places
special travel companions
inspired guidance

Sun, power, connection
Mother Earth
Father Sun
Sister Water

Feeding and feeding are
reciprocal and unconditional

Enjoy climbing at the top
overview and insight

Blessed with petals
creeping away in sacred caves
Purified by the water
enchanted by the fire
heated by the sun
inspired by the wind
cherished by the earth

To radiate again
The deep knowing is still there

Love, Annelies