05.07.2021 - 11.07.2021

Retreat Wise Playful Women

Embodiment ● Experience ● Sexfulness

Wise Playful Woman

Welcome sister!

To break away from conditioned values and norms. To no longer live in separation. Whatever you carry in your backpack, you can embrace limiting fears, traumas and shadows and give birth to the wise playful woman living inside yourself. The path to oneness (with all that lives) within yourself, a life of passion and truthfulness, is open and awaits your consciousness.
Let us create, experience, honor, recognize and acknowledge the dance and play of your life together. Let us see, honor, bless and support each other in a circle as beautiful, authentic and creative women.
It is time to go through life full of energy!

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"This retreat is the result of a long and intense growth and healing process, as daughters, as women, as mothers, as wise women, as priestesses."

Veerle Phara:
sweatlodge and medicine woman, creative & shamanic coach, & healer, earth & fire keeper. Veerle Phara has been studying rituals, ceremonies and initiations all over the world for a lifetime. She is the author of the book Wise Playful Woman. 

Betty Jeuris:

Facilitator in bodywork- floorwork-circlework

This retreat is aimed for all women who:

  • Say Yes! to Life. Say yes to the desire to live your wise feminine (primal) power!
  • Prepare to dive deeper into themselves, peel off layers and rediscover, recognize and remember their unique medicine.
  • Wish to celebrate the fullness of their sexuality, free from all traumas and fears.
  • To bring all the elements in and around themselves back into balance.
  • To walk the path of the open heart.
    Giving oneself the space to live in freedom.
  • Beyond words, shame and fear to want to connect with the body (embodiment) and to rekindle creative, playful, fiery and creative power.

What this retreat Wise Playful Woman brings you:

  • Opening the way to transformation of female consciousness through circles, rituals, ceremonies, meditations, initiations and creative energy.
  • Practical, concrete keys, tools and exercises you can use for yourself and in connection with other women.
  • With different eyes and compassion embracing and healing (obstructing) patterns, fears, shadows and beliefs, to rediscover your genuine feminine being.
  • Connect your body with the energy of nature, to connect with your creative, fiery sexual power and your passion so that life can flow more freely through you.

"She Is what She Is, She Is All that Is, She always Was, She Is Now, and She always Will Be"

Data & content:

(can change slightly depending on what is needed in the moment/group)

Day 1:
Monday evening  (start 18.00h)

Landing and coming home in this beautiful property in Portugal, embedded in and surrounded by nature and the warmth of spring here in the south, we will spend a week connecting with the earth, the ocean, grandmother fire, the pure air and the playful wind.
– We start the week with dinner at 18h
– Opening circle
– Agreements, protection and guardianship

Day 2:

Grounding and rooting by Veerle Phara
– Morning yoga
– Sweat lodge ceremony. Coming home in ourselves and in the group. Sweating out all that we can shed and release to the earth. Opening to the balance between all the elements in and around us. Depending on the weather. Sauna & a gentle herbal bath as a beautiful alternative

Day 3:

Nature medicine walk discovering your inner sexuality
– Morning yoga
– Taste our inner sexuality, full and free. One with nature.
– Five elements massage

Day 4: 

Welcoming and awakening the female fire by Betty

– Morning yoga
– Embodied Conversation & Playfight

– Blaming circle: The other as a mirror

Day 5: 

Freeing your inner voice and truth by Veerle Phara, Betty

– Morning yoga
– Initiation ritual of spreading your wings

Day 6:

Shape Shifting: From Mother Sick to Mother Soul
– Morning yoga
– Playing around your new form: your true initiation
– Seven rhythms: dance freely!

Day 7: 


Wandering in your femininity

– Free morning
– Integration
– End circle in expression

Concrete working methods

  • Practical tools, keys and exercises
  • Dance, movement, yoga
  • Rituals, ceremonies and initiations
  • Techniques to protect yourself and stay in your power
  • Nature

Practical data:

Organisation: Veerle Phara
Contribution: € 1060,-/p first 10 women, after € 1120,-/p

* retreat & all material
* tuition: Veerle Phara, Helena Vanden Bergh and Betty Jeuris
* meals starting with diner Monday till lunch Sunday – retreat ends Sunday evening

Not included:
*transport, airtickets, personal insurance
* rent sheets & towels (€15,-)
* other personal expenses or sauna/massage/shiatsu

Info and sign up:
+32(0)473.879410 (Veerle Phara)

Locatie: Temple of the Earth, Aljezur Portugal

@v.u. Veerle Declercq – Creative2Energy vzw – nothing may be taken from this flyer without permission

Welcome Sister to join us in this retreat! Sign up by writing us an email to info@templeoftheearth.org or fill in the contact form:

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