No More Mr. Nice Guy

Retreat for MEN

by Yves Vanopslagh & Erik Habraken

6-13 april 2021

No More Mr. Nice Guy

tuition: Yves Vanopslagh and Erik Habraken and


No More Mister Nice Guy 06/04 – 13/04/2021

Dear Man, Aho brothers!

This retreat is open for all men on their journey to auto-consciousness and authenticity.  Men who wish to make a commitment to consciously step out of being a Mr. Nice Guy.

Are you a kind of Mr. Nice Guy?

A quiet, caring, working hard men that is occupied by pleasing others (relational  and professional)?

A man who tries to look good and especially who keeps on working and functioning in a  ‘system’ to be able to do ‘good’ to others and to be seen as a ‘good, hardworking and reliable’ man. A system where he actually doesn t entirely belong and where he doesn t live autentic and from his heart.

Very simple said: Nice Guys believe that they will be loved, get what they want and live a life without problems, as long as they stay ‘good’ and will do ‘good’. It sounds to good to be true? That is exactly what it is… Because by being nice you don t get anywhere…

The reason of this frustration is the fact that Nice Guys believ in a ‘fairy tale’, if I do good, if I am generous and caring, I get happiness, joy and love back in return. This conviction we call the Nice Guy-syndrom!

This retreat is open for all men on their journey to auto-consciousness and authenticity. 


  • You receive keys to stand more in your own power and authenticity.
  • You learn effective ways to fulfill your wishes on personal, relational and/or professional area 
  • You get insight in your shadow sides and your blind spots
  • You learn to express your feelings and emotions.
  • You learn to consciously accept yourself as you are
  • You will taks of masks, and feel more powerfull and be more self confident in who you really are
  • You will learn to reach your full potential and be really productive and creative 
  • You will learn to embrace your masculinity in between brothers 
  • You will learn to build up constructive relationships with women and men, without loosing yourself  


  • He has a strong self consciousness
  • He loves himself as he is
  • He takes the responsability to fulfill his own needs  
  • He embraces without shame his masculinity and sexuality
  • He is integer. Does what is right, not what turns out to be the right thing
  • He is authentic and lives from his Heart
  • He is there unconditional for his relatives and dear ones
  • He is clear, direct and open about his feelings (authentic)
  • He knows how to put limits
  • He is not afraid to look at conflict situations and to find a solution

The transformation of Nice Guy to being an Integrated Man, doesn t come by being a nice, good man. It asks for another way of looking to yourself and to the world.

This Workshop is for men who wish to commit themselves to an authentic Man-being:

We work with Emotional Bodywork®, Contactexercises, Yoga,  Encounter techniques, Music and movement, Holotropic Breathing , Creativity, Sharing around the Fire, Mini quest (wake)

These transforming days in Portugal take you along with other men to a deepgoing recovering process into yourself. 



Erik Habraken: ELW®trainer – Kundalini Yoga – EMDR – Systemic Work –

Mensen meer naar hun gevoel en dichter bij zich zelf brengen is één van mijn kwaliteiten.

De waarden en waarheden waar ik mee werk, pas ik ook toe in mijn dagelijks leven en in mijn relaties. Dat lukt aardig, en vooral: het werkt. Ik voel me gemotiveerd en gelukkig. Mensen rond me hierin laten delen is mijn passie.


Yves Vanopslagh: 

For twenty years I have been active as a sweatlodge keeper and trainer, fire keeper, and guiding/coaching men. My journey of life is of connection from the heart and authenticity. Together with Veerle Phara we run our centre “ Temple of the Earth “ in Aljezur, Portugal. More info under Yves


Practical info

contribution: €  895,-

early bird till 31/12/2020: €  820,-


  • accomodation in comfortable yurts (Mongolian tents, with each own compartment)
  • tuition of Erik and Yves
  • use of all facilities
  • delicious food with local ingredients from the markets and farmers


  • airplane tickets and transport from the airport or local place to Aljezur
  • sheet and towel packet: €15,-
  • room with two persons: extra €75,-/ Kamer alone: extra €125,-
  • use of sauna

info and suscription:

Location: Temple of the Earth ~ Aljezur, Algarve, Portugal (google maps: Quinta da Nora Aljezur,  Portugal, takes you in front of our door)

Time: we start 7 April with breakfast and close the circle 12 April at 14h (after lunch)
You can arrive from 6 April afternoon  or leave lone day later (extra per night before or after 20,- excl breakfast, 25,- incl breakfast)


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