Dear friends,

Life is so exciting, intense and joyful if you want to make it yourself. It’s like a ritual of coming and going, in an ever-rotating spiral from inside to outside to inside to outside and a game between all directions and elements: earth, water, fire, air / wind …

2019 is a powerful year of transition in which you are challenged to constantly go to your heart, authentic in life and stand and listen to what really is yours. We are all  ‘Searching Souls’! Searching for truth, (h) recognize that the roles of ego and what resonates with your soul and your heart, and what your true mission on earth is. This calls to step out your victim role, no more veils or masks, and to break free from limiting beliefs, harmful emotions and stories. True to be a Guardian, to create your own healing power, write your authentic life, beyond fear, with courage and confidence.

Everything is indeed within ourselves. It is up to each of us to make the choice, connect with nature, earth, water, fire and air, and all that is, to re-member our core and our own inner wisdom.

Welcome to participate in a ritual, ceremony, initiation, retreat or training in Belgium, Netherlands or Portugal. In the Temple of the Earth, surrounded by 700ha nature reserve in Aljezur, Portugal, all facilities are present to get away from everyday life

Veerle Phara en Yves


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september – october – november

*Zondag 7 september: mixed sweatlodge (Belgium), by Veerle Phara & Yves

more info

* Dancers village Portugal contact improvisation festival, 27-29 september more info

*Andes ceremony for the Moon Holland10 october  with Full Moon (Nuenen, De Verbindende Factor, Nl) by Veerle Phara   more info

*Mother-Daughter weekend Rite of Passage (10-14j): 12-13 october  with Full Moon (Begijnendijk, B)  by Agnes Eising (Maanbloem) and Veerle Phara  more info

*No More Mr Nice Guy: 12 OKTOBER Day for Men
Meet the trainers Erik & Yves and how they work on this important theme for men! more info
Next retreat in Portugal is from 14/04 t/m 20/04/2020  more info
* Sweatlodge for Women (Belgium): 2 november  


*Weekend 19-20 OKTOBER 2019Shamanism & Sweatlodge training: Keeper of the Four Elements (Belgium and Portugal) More info:

*Weekend 26-27 OKTOBER 2019: new Fire Keeper training (Belgium) More info:

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Retreats Portugal

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*Initiation retreat for women by Hermine Schoneveld and Veerle Phara: 6-10 NOVEMBER–  meer info

*Bushcraft Back to Nature by Yves Vanopslagh &  Cees van der Weijde: 11-16 NOVEMBER– meer info

*Mama Selmira Shipibo Medicine Retreat: 15-17 november meer info

*Clown & Music Retreat: 24-30 november Eric de Bont Clown School

*Clown & Human tragedy : 8-14 november Eric de Bont Clown School

*Playful Women – retreat – 27 february- 1 march 2020 info and inscriptions by