Veerle Phara

My name is Veerle Phara,

born in Belgium but a child of Pacha Mama. My name has Germanic roots and comes from PharaHilde, which means literally a Female Travelling Warrior.  I have lived in full connection with the world throughout my life, with my family, by travelling, guiding groups, investigating on indigenous cultures,… As a young adult, we lived several years in North-America, back in Belgium I studied history of art and travelled to Spain and Latin America. As a child I was already passionated by dance, yoga and movement, but also by nature, the extended fields, the ocean and shamanism. Yemaya (Orisha, Mother of the Ocean and the Sea), in Quechua Mama Qocha, has always taken and important and respectful place in my life, as well as Pacha Mama, Mother of the Earth.

I lived, worked and travelled long in Latin America and was initiated in the holistic visions, rituals and ceremonies of indigenous cultures through intense work and living experiences. My Chilean lifestory after the dictature, living at the feet of the Pacific in a primitive paradise, searching for a balance between living and surviving, for new, own authentic values. Leander and Sara Yula, my two wonderfull adolescents, carry Chilean blood and in their genes, West and South melting together. Slowly it became clear in my life that it is my life journey to break down barriers on every level, to bring people, cultures and especially women together, let them encounter and re-member who they really are inside… I love the Goddess tradition and bringing people in a re-connection with their primal force…

in my Heart and Soul; I am a Luminous Warrior, and my Soul longs to bring women of all ages and races, back to their Female Tribal Nature

As a Fire & Earth Keeper, we give sweatlodges/temazcales, fire walks, rituals, ceremonies and training, throughout the world. The Sweatlodge for me is a Temple of the Earth, a place to come home in your body, to un-do yourself of all masks and superficial values, and to sink into yourself. To (re) find the balance and become one with all elements, to re-member who you really are, and be re-born from the womb of Mother Earth.

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