To Be a Woman

27 of March 2020

To Be a Woman…

During a visit of friends, after 1,5 years here in the Temple of the Earth, Aljezur, Portugal, we discovered that our garden has an abundancy of Aloe Vera plants…. What a healing gift from Mother Nature.
Aloe Vera is rich in vitamins A, B, C, E and antioxidants, so healing for the skin, hair and by the bitter substance, purifying for bile, liver, intestines and all our cells.

But beyond the richness of finding a wealth of wild herbs (lavender, marjoram, eucalyptus) and cacti, I feel the gratitude that we can be here now and discover the richness of abundant nature at a deeper level. That we finally find the time to honor nature and feel what the earth needs here to live more in balance with its great creative power.

In September last year Yves heard soft water clattering under the bushes on the other side of the lake. Under the bushes, there was a spring hidden that even the local farmers – who played in this spring in their childhood – no longer knew existed. What a treasure it is to realize that we have a natural water spring by the lake, with the most delicious pure water, 30m deep from the earth, a small jet, constantly flowing, winter and summer.
We use this time to build a chicken coop and finally create an organic waste pit we never had time for otherwise.

How special would it be if – as a result of reduced traffic and nitrogen and gases in the air – nature could breathe again and (for a while?) have the time to recover, to rebalance the bond between man, nature and animals? How special would it be if we all make the reflection of how essential Mother Earth is to us? How we simply cannot (over)live without her here?
How special would it be if all of us, no matter where we are in this period indoors, would take the trouble to make a medicine wheel and to sit still in every wind direction and feel where things go wrong for ourselves in connection with nature, with east-south-west-north, where there is imbalance with the earth and what we can do to get back in balance with ourselves and the earth?

What can each of us really do for this world? Can we imagine if instead of watching all of netflix’s films for hours and / or calling everyone for hours, everyone could just stop for a moment, sit in the middle of her / his own wheel of life, and feel where each of us can contribute to healing this world?

I’m writing this blog while 100 men are connecting through zoom, wherever they are in the world. Yves also hosts a group and is committed to supporting men in these intense times, to hear where there is aggression, to offer a listening ear and to tell all brothers that no one has to bear this alone. That this brotherhood of men, this online gathering of men connecting in circles, is an important contribution to healing this world.

Beyond the ego, beyond the mind, beyond ‘see what I do’.
From the unconditional Heart.

Many of us crawl back into their shell. Rightly and understandably. Taking care of ourselves and our family is essential. However, there is a difference between caring for and continuing the same life indoors as before,
ánd embracing this period to go a little deeper inside ourselves.

We may re-imagine that in the darkest darkness, in the swamps of not knowing, of emptiness, of help what now, an Enormous feminine power and potency lurks.
By standing still and really going inside, we can discover what our true potential is for this world. We have embedded in our cells an enormous creative force, dear Sisters.
If you dare and can make the journey to the darkest caves of your own existence, you will land in the most feminine energy that actually exists. Allow yourself to embody this darkness for a moment. It is the same energy as the dark blood of our periods and the darkness from which a baby is born. It is the fire-red lava from the deepest part of the earth, and the black fertile earth from which all life sprouts. It is allowing yourself to go crazy for a moment and surrender yourself to the primal woman who lives inside you.

We have lost this connection over the centuries.
And now that the world is falling silent, and we have to do nothing for a while, we can allow ourselves this space again.

Pull yourself back for a moment. Take paper, pen, crayons, paint, water, clay, all kinds of creative materials. And allow yourself to sink deeper and deeper and deeper. Where is your creative power? Breathe in and out, deeper and deeper, and surrender yourself to the most wild, crazy, unimaginable thing that lives inside you. Paint (yourself), draw, create, dance, scream, live out and let that which wants to come out in the deepest of your cells, your womb, your breasts, your yoni, manifest itself.

My book Wise Playful Woman is in the process of creation. I feel blessed that this time of writing has been given to me. It is part of my healing process, it helps me remember who I am in the depths of my cells. Earthwoman, Medicine Woman, Guardian of the Elements, Sweatlodge Woman. Sinking in the deep layers of nature, of the earth, like the earth in Gigantija (temple in Gozo) spoke to me years ago: Bring our memory back… Bring back our memory of what it is to be a woman.

It’s time to remember who we are dear women.
Time to create a new earth.
Time to be aware of what Being Woman really is. Because we can make a difference to the new earth by being truly Woman, firmly anchored in our bodies, in the earth, in all that lives and in all worlds.

Awen (Celtic for with the power of the flowing spirit)

Veerle Phara