Wise Playful Woman

Wise Playful Woman

Shape Shifting. Keys to being an authentic Woman, to remember and reintegrate our true primal power and joy.

My book is in the process of creation. It will be published end of june, beginning of july 2020, first in Dutch. Meanwhile it will be translated in English.

If you would like reserve a copy, please send an email to veerlephara@templeoftheearth.org

As a result of my book and my intense life experience, we will start a new journey for women Wise & Playful Woman which will start in autumn. This traject will be created with a number of special women such as Helena Vanden bergh (coach in body-focused sexology) and Betty Jeuris (embodiment ninja). If you are interested, please let me know.

An online traject is also in creation process

More info? veerlephara@templeoftheearth.org

Heart embrace, In Light and Joy,

 Veerle Phara, a Luminous Warrior seeking for Harmony and Beauty on Earth