Breath & Sweat your Heart open

Breathe & Sweat your Heart open!
Welcome on Sunday 18th of October for a breathwork session and a womens sweat lodge ( Temazcal) with lots of herbs and healing water, embedded in the earth with loving support.
This day takes place right after New Moon, under the sign of the balancing sign of libra.
Through breathing and sweating, we bring balance into and around us, we celebrate the wise playful woman in each of us and open our hearts.
Before entering the sweat lodge we will prepare ourselves through conscious connected breathing. This unique way of breathing creates an anchor within us and reveals what is alive in us. Our breath will lead us to those places where we tend to hold back in life. It will show us where to release in order to be able to live from our heart. By connecting the inhalation and the exhalation of the breath cycle we will create a high vibrational energy force in the body. This frequency will release stored emotions and tensions and will therefor soften our body, our minds and our hearts. Every connected breath will take us deeper and connect us closer to a more authentic way of living: the way of our heart.
The breathing session will leave us grounded, open, soft and connected to one another, ready to step into the warm darkness of the sweat lodge.
In the Temazcal (a Latin American sweat lodge tradition) we surrender ourselves to the fire, the earth, the water, the stones and our breath. We sink into our body and create space on all layers for what wishes to live in us. The fire is an integral part of this day and will burn during the breathing session.
This sweat lodge is open to all women, including women in their moon time. A genuine gift for yourself. You don’t need to have sweat lodge experience. In this lodge we can be and feel in surrender, open our senses and listen our hearts….
After the sweat lodge we close our circle together with a delicious potluck and a sharing circle.
Your journey will be guided safely by two experienced medicine women.
Option is to arrive Saturday evening to stay overnight here in the Temple in a beautiful cosy yurt. Ask for contribution if you are interested.
Veerle Phara & Daniela
Veerle Phara is a medicine woman who has guided hundreds of sweat lodges, a coach fr women, keeper of the earth and the fire and the author of the book Wise Playful Women.
Daniela is a medicine woman, a certified breathwork facilitator & bodyworker and a midwife to the New Earth.
Location: Temple of the Earth; a beautiful retreat center very close to Aljezur, Portugal
If you come from further away, it is possible to stay an extra night before or after.
Contribution for Breath & Sweat Sunday: 77 euro
Your place is confirmed after payment.
Cancellation up to 14 days in advance it will be booked back minus 25 euros, after that you remain obliged to pay.
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A warm welcome to this nourishing, deeply heart healing day!