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Dear women,

21 March 2020, spring equinox and almost new moon. The birthday of my daughter Sara Yula who was welcomed 24 years ago in this life, in Chile, Latin America.
For the Celts its the feast of Ostara and the day of the Oak, a holy day where light and dark are in balance, the days are getting longer and the life force of nature is palpable.

We are currently going through an intense journey of which we do not know where the journey is heading to. What we do know is that new opportunities can only present themselves if we surrender to the not knowing, to the void.

What happens when all appearances disappear and we fall back on ourselves. Falling back in the void, the silence. Questioning (again) who we are, what we come here to do and what we are on our way to…. It is time now to find our own way. To enter the spiral and travel inside. To reflect about what we’re doing in this world…

Spring announces a feminine period, nature sprouting and growing fertile in the months to come. An ideal time to honor, heal and respect our own true feminine nature.

This spring, which goes hand in hand with the spread of the corona virus, calls into questioning where our connection with the earth and our feminine nature has gone to.

The second chakra of the world is at/around Lake Titicaca, the Sacred Lake of the Incas in Peru and Bolivia. In respect of her we call her Mama Qocha or Paqarina (Quechua). When we sail on her, we honor her and offer her coca leaves, sweets, cookies, wine. We thank her for her immeasurable beauty and silent power, we express our gratitude to her for allowing us to be on her, to be protected, supported and carried by her. That we may grow as human beings, that we may live our feminine energy, in softness, power, in compassion, beauty and awareness.

I have been around and on the lake a dozen times, everyone who has landed there already knows and feels and is aware of the feminine power of the lake. If you live too much in your male energy as a woman, then you will be brought down by her, then you will get sick, you will have breathing problems, your lungs can have a hard time, you can be feverish and sometimes you even have to vomit. There are remedies that can alleviate your suffering, but the best healing is to give yourself some rest, silence, stay in bed for a day, accept being sick, soften yourself and to surrender to the feminine energy of the Andes think and feel why this happens on a journey you have been looking forward to for so long….

I feel there is a key in and around Lake Titicaca for all mankind. It’s no coincidence that Aramu Muro, the incredibly magical power site, is situated close to the lake. Aramu Muro carries the energy of Lemuria and the motherland Mu, is a gateway to another world, and a perfect place to ground, root yourself and reflect on yourself and what you actually come here to do on earth….

Isn’t the same thing happening now? Our whole world is too masculine, too patriarchal. Important decisions are still made by a handful of people who think they incarnate the truth in ten high air-conditioned office buildings. By men in costumes and women in suits who determine from their mind and control where we should all head to.

The virus brings down our whole world, holds a mirror to the whole world. A mirror that asks us to go back to earth and honour our true feminine nature again.
In indigenous cultures, decisions were made on Earth, in a circle around a fire. Leaders looked at nature, at the stars, at the fauna and flora, at the position of the sun and the moon to make decisions and choices. Nothing was simply decided thinking that we are superior to the earth, the stars, the planets, the cosmos.

With the rise of the Roman Empire and the entrance of the Roman Catholic Church, our roots were literally and figuratively cut off. Mother Earth no longer had any signification, women were deprived of all rights. The heritage of the Great Mother was labeled as heretical and history was twisted. Since then there has been a fear of the primeval feminine, of the universal feminine, of the feminine power and wisdom.
Throughout the centuries, we lived cut off from the earth. For the benefit of the Church, of the higher, of the masculine energy/patriarchal society. For the benefit of the spirit, the mind/ratio, thought, control, science, our agenda, individualism, order, structure, limitation and linear thinking.
And also of the higher transcendental. God and the light come from above. All earthly gods were banished. As a result, we have been waiting centuries for the light from above. The salvation from above. We gaze upwards as if all the answers are there.

We live cut off from our source. The earth’s separation has left deep wounds. We no longer have access to important areas of the mind that are connected with the creative power of the earth and the sacred knowledge directly from the source. We are missing part of our unity and we are no longer whole.
With all the consequences. Without earth, no grounding, no home, no centering, no healing. We miss the key to unload all the ballast, everything we consciously and unconsciously store in our energy, towards the earth.

Our true connection to earth is lost. We no longer honor the mother for what she means to us. If we lack the connection and the dialogue with the earth, then there is no more nourishment from the earth. We lose ourselves in materialism, in junk and synthetic food, in addictions and in the feeling and the thought that we need everything outside of ourselves. Long live the shopping centers. In Santiago de Chile, parents take their children on Sundays to Parque Mall, to a shopping center called Parque (Park). People live everywhere in the world in apartment buildings, where they have lost all connection with the earth.
We have lost something essential, which also manifests itself in the chaos in which we live, in the not being genuine and authentically on earth, through which competition, jealousy and distrust can flourish.

It is time to open our hearts back to the earth and nature and to restore our connection with nature. Descend from our skyscrapers and apartment buildings and get back in dialogue with the earth, meet her again and learn to listen to her messages and what she has to tell us. Rooting us back in the earth. Let the earth heal us. If we want to be true, solid people, we must learn to root our feet deep in the well, from where life grows. If your life is built on something solid, then winds and storms can come, they can blow you in all directions, but you will remain strong if you can hold on firmly to that life force, deep in the earth. By connecting with the earth, we receive a force from within that makes us live on our true path. The connection with the Great Mother, is like a primal energy that goes beyond time, place and personality. She yearns to heal us again, to go through this life together again.

Beautiful mother earth, mother nature, in so much gratitude for who you are. You can save humans from the virus like no other one now. If we could all go back and dare to learn that Earth is a powerful channel of all that we don’t have to carry with us, humanity would be healed…

Veerle Phara Plumita
A female Warrior & Earth Keeper

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