Sunday 16 June from 2h tot 5h30 pm

You are so much more than who you think you are

Awaken & Embrace who you really Are


A shamanic Journey

  • to embrace yourself and each other, from the Heart
  • to bring our heart in connection with earth-water-fire-air-wind-time and space
  • to come home in Your Heart, Heal your Heart and surrender to your authentic Heart Energy
  • to Be who you are, to Feel, Create, Love and Being Loved, Play, See and Know…
  • to enjoy, to dance, to breathe, Alone and Together

We start from our grounding and centering, deeply rooted, breathe and flow from our sensitiveness and the water inside, awaken our fire power, listen to our heart, dis-cover the child and the playfullness in ourselves, re-member our source of light and freedom.


Place: Inlight Lagos, Tv. do Forno 4, 8600-586 Lagos

Facilitators: Veerle Phara & Yves  www.templeoftheearth.org or www.kachina-creative2energy.com

More info and booking: info@templeoftheearth.org  or  info@inlight.pt

Energy exchange: conscious contribution between €25 – €35 according to your true means

VEERLE PHARA & YVES are the founders of the Temple of the Earth in Aljezur, Portugal. Veerle Phara has been initiated into a multitude of indigenous lifeways and healing practices. She offers movement, yoga, healing and nature facilitation to help Women embody who they really are and bring them back to their source. Yves draws on indigenous traditions to offer healing ceremonies, personal consultation and empowering of Men. They are both fire keepers, sweat lodge facilitators and shamanic practitioners from the Heart. Together, they dance in the joy of sacred union. Their mission: bring people back to their authentic heart energy. Dare to Live and Follow the Path of Your Heart.