Wataflow is a transformational dance in the water. A deep call to empower yourself and to connect with and welcoming all your emotions. In a Wataflow session you will be floating on the water, listening and connecting with your breath. Wataflow is a combination of gentle stretching/massage, and once the mind switches off, a natural safe, gradual and tailored made dance in the water starts.

You can be moved in absence of gravity and the water inside your body can connect with the outside water. Tension can be solved in this liquid space of no time and silence. You are invited to feel and embrace your fears of depth and death, and to letting go of shame and judgement. Wataflow is also about allowing the light, pleasure, joy, bliss, unconditional love and oneness. It’s about humbleness and vulnerability. Surrender to the flow and power of water and life.

Depending on the weather a Wataflow session can take place in the lake at The Temple of the Earth, or in the lagoon of Bordeira close to Carrapateira.

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