Stress & Tension Releasing Experience (individual / workshop)

Come and enjoy this liberating experience to shake it all of. If it’s physical tension just built up or chronic tension, STRE is a powerful way to bring your body into the natural state of relaxation. You will learn a series of exercises that help your body to remove patterns of deep (chronic) muscle tension caused by stress or trauma.

By following the exercises, in combination with a specific breathing method, a natural reflexive mechanism of vibration is triggered in a safe way in muscle and connective tissue. STRE helps your body to release physical tension just built up, like daily stress, but also chronic tension. It helps to calm your nervous system, so your body can return to the natural state of relaxion, resilience and balance trough the release.

Once you have learned the STRE method, both the exercises and the regulation, you can release tension as needed. It will be a great support in your life.

Ilona is facilitating STRE in workshops and individual sessions, depending on your needs and wishes.

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