Shamanic Healing and Coaching

Deep healing techniques and sounds to release, extract and heal (old) energetic patterns, believes, traumas, soul contracts, soul loss, curses, black magic. Sometimes these aspects have been implanted in your system from the moment you were born, or installed through soul contracts that limit you to really live your life truly.

A soul mission is fundamentally different from a soul task.

A soul task is usually linked to a soul contract. When we incarnate in this life with heavy dark parts and/or karma from past lives, we may not end up with our true soul family. We may be born into a family in which we can learn and heal a lot, where we are held up a tough mirror, which makes our life not so pleasant and joyful. As a soul, before we incarnated in our current body, we established contracts with (grand-, step- or in-law) mothers, (grand-, step- or in-law) fathers, aunts, uncles, ... as a sort of obligation.

When we received these soul tasks, we could not oppose them: this is what you are going to do in this life. For the simple reason that we thought we were going to get something in return, something that would bring us joy, financial or other sorts of prosperity, convenience and security. In doing so, we didn’t know that we accepted tasks that led to Doing instead of Being. A kind of hidden obligation that obstructs our freedom from birth and makes us obey those with whom we have concluded these contracts.

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