Holistic Therapy

We are used to run our lives on autopilot. And now and again we forget ourselves for being focused on the outer world, instead of our inner world. Some people will call it “I am in my head”. There will be a moment that you feel disbalance or you experience physical complaints. You don’t feel right, you experience restlessness, or physical reactions like back pain, migraine, depression, fear, burn-out, or lethargy. Or maybe your heart is closed off, because of painful experiences from the past. Or that hampering thoughts keep you from a true connection with your being. Also, specific events or upbringing and how you value your life at the moment can keep you from progressing and growing.

All these things can trigger surviving mechanism which serves the purpose to keep you going and cope with the situation.

During Holistic Therapy Ilona uses different methodologies, which are tailored to your needs. This can be a combination of:

- Yoga
- Breathwork
- Body work (movement/dance)
- Family constellation/systemic work
- Meditation or visualization
- Energetic treatment
- STRE (Stress & Tension Releasing Experience)
- De-armouring
- Wataflow

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