Akashic Records Reading – Divine Soul Mentoring

Mascha offers a Coaching combined with a Divine Soul Blueprint Reading from the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are the universal library of your Soul's Divine Blueprint, your True Self Gifts and Soul's Purpose, the history of energetic and Karmic Pattern of your current lifetime and all lifetimes you have ever lived.

The deep dive within her coaching is to support you to reconnect to your individual Soul Divine Blueprint and to remember your Soul Purpose! You carry precious natural gifts within you! By living your True Self with your natural abilities and talents, you not only feel in the flow of life, feel joyful and free, but also attract all kinds of abundance easily, because you are aligned with yourself and live out of your heart - out of your soul.

Within the coaching you will identify and release emotional, mental and energetic blockages which prevent you from shining your light. And you will also get information from the Akashic Records if you carry any karmic patterns from past lives with you, so we can clear them as well!

Mascha's work is dedicated to realign you with your original Soul Path, so you can live yourself fully free!

Remember who you really are and reconnect to your True Soul's Nature! It's YOU on Earth...now!

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